LA Maybe Not So Bad

By JoCo February 14, 2006

I must say, I’m rather enjoying my time here in a way that I usually do not when I’m in Los Angeles. Maybe it’s because I’m doing nothing but hobnobbing with celebrities and performing for warm appreciative audiences – last night at Book Soup was a lot of fun. We did some hobo material which we hadn’t done in a while, and I knew from the first couple of minutes that it was going to be a good show. Not to mention the kind folks at G4 TV who made us feel famous and special and talented.

Speaking of which, for those of you who missed Attack of the Show yesterday, fella by the name of BadServo has digitized my segment and put it on his site. It’s kind of a big file so it may take a while to download, but you can find it here: JC on Attack of the Show.

Day off today – I am “taking some meetings” – and then tomorrow we fly to Portland for more fun. But first a little Trader Vic’s. I hope to be ass-up in a Scorpion Bowl in about 3 hours…


Dan Lurie says

Who did the animations for the background? Its just how I imagined the poor creatures!

JoCo says

Those were done by their internal graphics guy - he drew them on a napkin over breakfast or something. I was completely surprised and delighted to find they had something like that planned...

Glenn says

Pity they closed down the Trader Vic's in Portland. It was right near Powell's, too.

See you tomorrow.

Michael says

My word. It sent the G4 logo running for cover.

Nicely done, sir. Of all your songs, I think the chorus to "Furry Old Lobster" shows off your voice at its best, especially on the "Thing a Week" performance.

'Twould be interesting to hear a crew sing it on a modern-day tall ship...

Josh says

Ya, that is officially kickass, in a kosher type of way...
Still, absolutly awesome.

Henry says

I liked that clip. They should do that with all of your songs! "They" being some sort of incredibly rich group of media type people that do my bidding.