Snowless in Silver Lake

By JoCo February 13, 2006

I can’t believe I missed the big snow in NYC. I love when the city really gets hit and everything shuts down, but here I am in damned sunny California. Typical.

The McSweeney’s event was fun, a nice big friendly crowd and a bunch of great performances. I say again, Patton Oswalt is hilarious. I was also blown away by Jon Brion, who played songs in between acts. He’s a producer and musician and all around musical genius. He had just a guitar and a piano, and he didn’t prepare anything ahead of time, he’d just watch the show and then play whatever came to him. He obviously knows every song in the world – really nice guy too. He plays Fridays at Largo, and if you’re in LA you should probably go and see him.

Last night we went to a fancy cocktail party where I met Emo Phillips and Matt Groenig and was too shy to talk to Albert Brooks. LA! And today we’ll be on G4’s Attack of the Show, and then at Book Soup tonight.

I leave you with this video of a bear rescue that involves a trampoline (don’t worry, the bear is fine), and also this video of a Rube Goldberg device constructed in Half Life 2. Watch them and think about physics.


Glenn says

You should write a song to let us know how you really feel about California.

Holy cow -- you met Emo Phillips?

Mark says

I yelled at my mom to turn on G4, and she went a little over edge when she saw you perform. It scared me. Great performance, by the way. I had read that John H was going to be on, but nothing about you. Total surprise, really.

Blog Jones says

AUGH! I missed it! Any chance of getting the video for download?

Josh says

Wierd. So I figured I would start a Fan- Artist collaberation here. As I googled "Jonathan Coulton Guitar Tabs" I found this post from the past, where it was speculated that we could do this.

I know that a lot of tabs and sheet music web sites are made entirely by fans, so it will probably be easy to do. I don't really play instraments, except a little piano, but I think this is a good next step, to make everyone able to spead the word of Coulton.

BadServo says

I got the Attack of the Show performance captured and am encoding it now. If anyone wants I'll post it to my site and link it up here. Likewise, JC is welcoem to grab it and host it here.

BadServo says

For the time being, here's the AotS performance:

JoCo says

Hey Josh: yes, tabs. I have a few that I've put together to email to people who have asked, I will try to get them posted and we can all add as we go. I definitely want all that info public: an army of people covering Jonathan Coulton songs at parties and bars and outdoor festivals.

Thanks BadServo for the vid...

webjones says

Ow! Damn! Bears must be indestructible if he really got through that with no broken bones. The trampouline is _definitely_ indestructible. They should use that for marketing.

Blog Jones says

Thanks, Bad Servo! Downloading it now.

The Almighty Charles says

Jon Brion is the shit.

Eric says

Oh, fuckin' a right on Jon Brion. I used to hang out at Largo's on Fridays, pretty regularly, when I lived in LA. He scored P.T. Anderson's Punch Drunk Love, as well as having one (if not two) awsome album(s). Especially check out "Walking Through Walls" and "Gotta Start Somewhere".