San the Fran

By JoCo February 10, 2006

Day one on the latest leg of the Hodgman tour, and boy are my legs tired. Why so many hills San Francisco? The flight was fine, except for the fact that we were delayed for two hours on the runway while they fixed a broken part on the plane. A blessing in disguise though, because I was able to spend some time in a quiet plane mixing this week’s thing.

Tonight we’re at Book Passage in Corte Madera (even though my other post says San Francisco) at 7 PM. If you’re in the area come out and see us, and if you’re not, blog and scream about it.

Speaking of hills, I was trying to figure out if there’s an algorithm for how to minimize uphillness when walking in San Francisco. Always take the least steep option? Never go downhill until you have to? Who knows the answer?


Glenn says

while ( downhill ) { JoCo.doWalk( speed, direction ); }

It's not ideal for getting from point A to point B, but will minimize the uphillity. Wait until you get to Portland, you can climb the volcano we have in town, if you like.

Josh says

I haven't found a widget, or anything, but I qoute the almighty Wikipedia when I say "Mother nature is a b***h". Apperently, it is a modified Murphy's Law.

Micky says

There is in fact a bike map of SF with every single block color-coded based on how steep it is. You can get it at

(P.S. A friend of mine just sent me your Ikea song today and I am completely enraptured. You rock. Go you.)

Erik says

Take the less steep route. Same amount of work (against gravity) in the end, but less power required.

Biff says

Corte Madera!!?? I was looking forward to seeing both of you guys at the Book Passage in SF. Oh well.

JoCo says

I guess Erik's right. If you always take the road that's closest to flat, you'll never do any unnecessary uphill work. But I think there may be some detail having to do with the elevation of your destination - if it's lower than where you are and you're presented with the choice of a slight uphill grade and a steep downhill, you should take the downhill as long as it doesn't take you below your destination. I think. This is why I'm out of the software business.

Gle3nn says

The best way to beat walking up or down hill is to invest in a Segway.
You can also change the subject in a conversation.
How bout them Brooklyn Dodgers of Los Angeles?

Eric Ginsberg says

The absolute value of x^2 - 3x + 2 (where x is the number of hills you'll encounter in a day) equals plus or minus (because it's the absolute value) a vespa. And, as we all know, a negative vespa is equal to stop-being-such-a-pussy:-it's-just-a-fucking-hill.

I hope I've helped. Go with the positive, rather than the negative. It's easier on the calves.