Thing a Week 19 – So Far So Good

By JoCo February 3, 2006

There is no funny here, so don’t bother looking. This is a breakup song, or maybe just something about the end of an old thing and the beginning of a new thing. Pretty sparse arrangement, but I’m digging the heck out of the guitar part in the left ear – minor 9th! Also, watch out for the bridgey solo section, lest you be frightened by the sudden appearance of the Ghostly Banjo ™. If you are a movie director who is currently on the set of “Tootsie 2: Still Mannish!”, you may want to call my lawyer to discuss licensing this song for the credits.

So Far So Good


Gle3nn says

WOW!! That was beautiful. That was such a wonderful melody and arrangement. Please tell me you will put that on your next album.
You sir are the master.

Josh says

Ya gotta dig the snaps.

webjones says

Gotta dig that Ghostly Banjoâ„¢, too. Very nice.

Lars nCompany says

I really like this song, nice melody and the lyrics are solid. That's also awesome how you can use "suckers" in a song like this and still keep the feel of it (if that makes sense). Very good.

Derek says

This is a great song.

rohitr says

rohitr says

oops.. forgot caption

above article on how to make money w/o seling songs, i would love it if you give this a try , it's not like you have that much else to do :P

Len says

Tootsie 2: Still Mannish. Man, I would stay til the end of the credits of that film to hear this song. Good stuff.

Jennifer says

Such a lovely, heartbreaking song. Also, it reminds me a bit of the title track Paul McCartney did for the Vanilla Sky soundtrack.

(Try to focus on the fact that I just compared you to McCartney, not that I just referenced a mediocre Cameron Crowe film. Heh.)

slothbear says

The style of this song reminds me a lot of early early Hall & Oates. Which I love. Thanks for the song!

Hippobabe says

Please get your code monkey to fix the link to the lyrics on the "Songs" page. Also "Drive" while he's at it. Thanks!