JC Sightings

By JoCo February 2, 2006

I have a few things coming up that I should probably publicize. Here they are in chronological order for your convenience:

First, Tuesday 2/7 7:30 PM I’ll be at the Red Bank Music Community Songwriters’ Workshop at the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, NJ doing a few songs and talking about my recording process, my website, and what Thing a Week is all about. If anyone knows what that is please let me know.

Then some more book touring with our friend Mr. Hodgman. Watch this:

1. Friday 2/10 7:00 PM at Book Passage in San Francisco.

2. Saturday 2/11 8:30 PM at “McSweeney’s Presents: The World Explained” in the Red Cat theater at the Disney Music Hall in Los Angeles.

3. Monday 2/13 4:00 PM we’ll be live on G4TV’s Attack of the Show (I think).

4. Monday 2/13 7:00 PM at Book Soup in Los Angeles.

5. Wednesday 2/15 7:30 PM at Powell’s City of Books in Portland, OR.

6. Thursday 2/16 7:00 PM at Harry W. Schwartz Bookshop (Bay View) in Milwaukee, WI.

7. Friday 2/17 7:00 PM at the Tattered Cover Bookstore (Cherry Creek) in Denver, CO.

See you out there in the world…


Maz says

Are you the "Mike Colton" referred to you in the online program?

Is this some sort of Duchampian word-collage designed to evoke in the reader the aesthetic chasm between the great Coulton and the vile Bolton using the word "Mike" as both a mnemonic trigger and musical double entendre?

Or is it just a typo?

Just asking.

JoCo says

Yours is a good guess Maz, but I am not Mike Colton. He presumably exists and is doing his own thing at this event. I did not make it onto that online program, possibly because I am a lonely forgotten man whose world has passed him by.

Maz says

No way, dude. "Baby Got Back" rocks.

Eric says

Yay! Red Bank on Tuesday! And then off to jetset, I see. Well, then we are especially honored that you have scheduled around our little shindig. We hope to pack said house. Thanks for the mention!

C Ya,

Tom Saville says

Will you be coming to New York?

B-Rian says

Hey JC... Have you heard of the movie in pre-production called '30K Millionaires'? The website is www.30kmillionaires.com. It is such a hilarious premise and I looked at the 'soundtrack' section on the website and decided to submit Shop Vac and Baby Got Back. I told them to check out your website and other songs to see if there's something they think would be a good fit. I also suggested they contact you to see about collaborating on a song. I think you'd be able to create an awesome song to go along with the movie. Just wanted to let you know...hope I didn't overstep my boundaries. Best of luck!

JoCo says

Tom: Ah, good question. That would make sense wouldn't it? John and I have already done a couple of bookstores here in the city, so I don't know if that particular dog and pony show will appear here again anytime soon. As for a real live JC-only show, it's something I've been meaning to do more of. I'll post info here when I set something up.