Trailer Re-Edit

By JoCo February 1, 2006

Jonathan (er, not me) sends this trailer re-edit made by Emerson College comedy troup Chocolate Cake City called [title withheld to preserve comedic punch]. You would be able to guess what’s happening from the title if you were very smart, and if I was not keeping it from you – just like mashups, it’s all about the title.


Glenn says

Sadly, being very smart ruins a lot of surprises for me. But I still thought this was great.

Josh says


I know this is random, but possibly a presidents song (the one from Little gray books) remix (or original) for a thing a week? I think having a MP3 of that song would be off the hook (or something).

Jennifer says

Man, is anyone else experiencing an absurdly slow download rate for this? At my current 0.3kb/sec rate it will be here in, oh, ten hours or so.

Pokyback Mountain. Heh.

The Almighty Charles says

...yeah. 2.37kb/sec... MY GOD. I feel like I'm back on 56k... Anyone know of a mirror??

The Almighty Charles says

Yay! It's on YouTube...

Jennifer says

BRILLIANT. Thank you so much for posting that, Almighty. My dial-up flashback nightmares have ended at last.

The Almighty Charles says

Heh, no prob. I highly recommend YouTube. It's THE place for easy & free video hosting.