Joan and Jane and Joan

By JoCo January 31, 2006

Derek sends me these links, thus demonstrating that there is some kind of creepy resonance thing happening with sisters named Joan and Jane – of course you remember Thing a Week 8. Gotta love Google (unless you are Chinese).

Starting with the obvious

which included the appropriate button

Then there was the painterly representation
The Story of Jane and Joan, 2001 (Oil on panel, 6 x 8 inches)

The mathematical representation
“Extra Credit What interest rate yields equal amounts of money for Joan and Jane at the end of their 65th year? Explain how you got your answer.”

The cosmetic representation
“Jane and Joan Kochan have spent their whole life together.”

And finally, the posthumous representation
“Jane and Joan dressed alike up until the twelfth grade.”


Josh says

That is so wierd!

Paul says

Re: - OMG, Jane looks like an anemic Nancy Reagan with a touch of Bozo thrown in.

Glenn says

Interesting that these are all east coasters -- many of which ae even from New York. And what's up with that painting? That definitely seems like a male wolf. Where Joan? Or Jane?

Eric says

Broken Link makes me sad

=( <---- Like that