Thing a Week 17 – I Will

By JoCo January 20, 2006

Easing back in with a Beatles cover this week. This song has been floating around in my head for quite a while, who knows why – maybe I’m in love. I think this may be the sweetest love song ever written, so I’ve recorded it without any winking or irony or irreverence. Just straight ahead sappy. And say what you want about Paul, but it takes guts to write a line like “Love you forever and forever, love you with all my heart” and never look back.

I Will


Gle3nn says

That was good. I got a 10cc "I'm not in love" vibe with the droning vocal accompaniment. Mashup possibilities?

Glenn Peters says

I like it. It's a change from the usual, but then that's what this weekly thing is about, isn't it?

Len says

This has to be my favorite Beatles song. Thank you for recording a version.

Susan says

Your rendition of the song was great!

But I don't know about your comment that it takes a lot of guts for a guy to write the words “Love you forever and forever, love you with all my heart”...I mean we are, afterall talking about the same man who wrote the words to the song "Just a Silly Little Love Song"

GaryJ says

Outstanding cover! one of my most favorite songs! Thank you!

Margaret says

Perfect! Ironic-detachment-free and very sweet and happy-making.

Dave says

Nice version. It got me thinking about the song and wound up turning it into a post of my own...

Liz says

I haven't listened to this song in a long time, and this was the first time I heard it with my mommy ears. It really resonated. I love your version of it!

JoCo says

Dave: yes, yes yes. Mad props to you for discussing Del Amitri - that song kills me every time.

Liz: Ah, mommy ears. I know of what you speak. Don't listen to closely with those ears, when I try to sing this song to my daughter I usually just start to sob.

Sarah says

Jon, you know Whim does (or did) an arrangement of this one, right? It was just about my favorite in our whole repertoire. We unearthed it from the files towards the end of the year, realizing that we didn't have any actual love songs (and a lot of stuff like "You're No Good"). Bruce and I sang this as a duet at Rodger Roundy's wedding back in 2001.

Your version is delicious. Thanks for making me smile!

macca2000 says

This is Beautiful... Well done. I am endlessly impressed by you.

Although, I'd love to know why you have to say, "And say what you want about Paul"

I mean, those in the know get it anyway. Imagine putting out all of those Beatle records and THEN putting out RAM and BAND ON THE RUN.


nutmeg says

My favorite cover of the song. Better than the Beatles.

Павел says

Спасибо за обновление :)

Totz the Plaid says

Easily one of the all-time top 20 Beatles covers.