Don’t Do It!

By JoCo January 20, 2006

Artist Tom Judd has just started a project called Once a Week (via BoingBoing). Kind of interesting: he’s going to produce a page of art once a week for a year, and he’ll auction each one off on ebay. In addition, he’s selling 3cm spaces for £50 to advertisers – he will actually put your image on a sticker that he will stick onto the artwork, thus ruining it for posterity, and for the potential ebay buyer. It’s like Million Dollar Homepage, but with art. And maybe without the million dollars.


Dave Kinsella says

It looks as though he has already created all of the artworks of the course of 2005. His 2006 project is selling them off.

Patrick says

I find subtle humor in the titles of the posts, "Don't do it!" and the last " Thing a Week 17 - I Will".