Jawbone Interview

By JoCo January 17, 2006

I did an interview with the delightful Len and Nora on the Jawbone Radio podcast which you can listen to here: JC on Jawbone. I’m always amazed that these podcasters can keep the conversation rolling and interesting when they’re talking to complete strangers over Skype. I can’t even do that with friends in the same room.

Also, did anyone see John Hodgman on the Daily Show again last night? That man is fast becoming the new king of all media…


Glenn says

I did not, but thank god for TiVo! When are you guys coming to Portland? Huh? Huh?

Amanda Magnetta says

Thank you Len & Nora! I am now a die hard fan of Jonathan Coulton. Awesome stuff. I am going to play your CD in the rotation at our comic book store. Yay!

Josh says

Hey cool! Talking about Hodgman and They might be Giants, I found this awesome video. Maybe you posted it already, but i just found it, so it is new to me.


Dave says

Saw the ad for it last night and was very happy. Was disappointed when Stewart said some other guy would be the guest, then elated a few minutes later when Hodgman did the opening segment. Need to get some apples for my go-a-lator. Now I know why my Bartlett pears weren't working...

AiYume says

It was great hearing the interview and learning more about the man behind the music. Sorry I missed you when you were in the SF Bay Area. Hope you get out here again soon.

Travis Braud says

Is Jon H. a correspondant for the daily show now, damn jewish cyborgs

The Almighty Charles says

Rockin' show!! Good to hear you're getting mo' coverage.

Glenn says

Man, that Hodgman is everywhere! It's like Savoir Faire.

I got the Venue Songs CD/DVD, but I'm disappointed they didn't make a new song for Portland. Le sigh.

Mr. Me says

Hi, there. I just now made the connection between the Jonathan Coulton who did the awesome "Baby Got Back" cover and the Jonathan Coulton who co-hosts the Little Gray Book Lectures.

Thank you for your excellent work on both!

I run an audioblog/podcast about They Might Be Giants and I'd be very interested to interview you and/or the Hodg-man for the show about the connection between your two circles of influence. E-mail me if you're interested, and we can get something set up!