By JoCo January 14, 2006

I know, Friday came and went and no Thing. Unfortunately, this week has conspired against me in several ways and now I have nothing. But I am alive, thanks for asking. I apologize to you and me both, and I placate us thusly:

1) Mark Forman has posted this mashup of JC songs and a Brad Sucks song. It sounds like an iPod with a bad case of demonic possession. Speaking of Brad Sucks, if you’ve never heard his stuff before, you should check him out immediately. He’s another unsigned, Creative Commons, one man operation who gives lots of music away, and I think he’s a great songwriter and musician. Give him a little love, would you?

2) Kevin Gray sends me a video for “Drive” – the car commercial vibe is now in full effect. Kevin is the guy who did that Baby Got Back video I linked to earlier, featuring a lot of lady butts. As you might imagine, this one’s a little less butt-y.

Thanks to both Mark and Kevin for contributing to the creative soup around here.

3) I almost forgot, I did an interview for a German newspaper about Flickr and other things. They translated me into German, and it’s kind of fun to read the re-translation back to English via Google. I sound like a crazy person.

Now: onward.


Josh says

We all have weeks like that. This is very much a transition week for me, so i have been out of it also.

Glenn says

Glad to hear that you're OK. We minions would be lost without you.

Brooklyn Bluesman says

JoCo-very classy of you to give shout out/link to Brad. You're top drawer all the way!

The Almighty Charles says

Wow, that translated site was a really strange read.

Carin says

Holy crap. That mashup...eek...I didn't even make it half way through before making it stop...ack!

Delysid says

In retranslation the German interview, you sound compared quite appropriate with the translated notes, which are added the article by the German readers (three of them at this point). Probably, because humans, who translated your words, made it correctly written German correct grammar and formal structure, which could touch the autotranslation program with very good. But the native speaking notes of the Germans are written into slangy the stenography of the typical Internets probable, transferred by autotranslator into maintaining eklektischen word salad.

Or, to put it in plain English not translated by Google from English to German and then back to English:

In the retranslation of the German interview, you sound quite reasonable compared to the translated comments added to the article by German readers (three of them at this point). Probably because the human who translated your words turned them into properly written German with correct grammar and formal structure, which the autotranslation program could handle very well. But the native speaking Germans' comments are likely written in typical Internet slangy shorthand, rendered by the autotranslator into amusingly eclectic word salad.

Josh says

wow. I was wondering why the first made just about as much sense as speed reading the odyssey.

Chris Radcliff says

I see that Brad Sucks posts stuff to ccMixter. Any chance of posting the source to Drive there? It's just crying out for some distorted bass and similar audiobling, but it's hard to overlay that kind of stuff over the mixed version.

webjones says

That made a lot more sense than anything I've heard President W say.