Thing a Week 16 – You Could Be Her

By JoCo January 6, 2006

The three or four of you who remember when I used to play in a band called Supergroup will perhaps remember this song. We played it a few times but it somehow never got recorded, so here is an acoustic demo. I had big dreams of loud guitars but in the end had to settle for a drum loop and some hand claps (which I am loving by the way, from now on they’re going to be all over the place). You will note there is no solo – contest anyone? Was that fun? I had fun. Anyway, sorry if you are a person who actually does run a pretzel shop at a mall somewhere, I’m sure it’s really great and probably not as tragic and awful as this guy thinks it is.

The song: You Could Be Her


Josh says

Interesting. I like the hand claps, by the way. Made for a nice ending. Sounds as if this Supergroup was/is good.

The Almighty Charles says

I really like this one, JC. I know I've felt trapped in a job before and every time a friend visits you just wanna run away with them... Hahaha, lovin' the sound, too.

Tom Saville says

This is one of my new favorite songs from ya, JC. Way to be awesome!

BM says

Mad-el-ine! Mad-el-ine! Mad-el-ine!

tulip says

Sweet! Love your stuff man! Great voice and wicked sense of humor, always a good combo!

Mary says

Ah, this is really, really nice. You're pushing your voice in more of a rock way on this one. The whole thing sounds a lot like The Odds, one of my favourite defunct Canuck bands. (see:

Scipio says

Best song ever.

bryus says

I love this song.

The beginning really got me because we have a Buckingham Mall in Aurora and it had a Pretzel shop in the center of the mall. :-D

SMurph says

Every time I hear this song I think it could really easily be an Alanis Morissette song - really seems to have her sound. Groovy!

Trillian says

I'm late to JoCo, but I just heard this on Thing a Week 2 and can't get over this song! My first job was at a pretzel store in a mall, and I vividly remember the days of staring out the skylight and wishing to God I could be anywhere else. The song captured those days perfectly!!!

BC says

JC - I would *love* to remix this song and add the loud guitars this song seems (to me) be crying out for.

Can I? Please?

BC says

I'm talking full-on Big Rock Treatment....

I can so totally pull this off.

JoCo says

Sure BC, have at!

BC says

Sent you an email - any chance of getting the source tracks for a *proper* remix (as duty dictates no less an effort).

BC says

Scarface sent me a boilerplate email reply, dutiful foot soldier that s/he is: look at the guitar TAB, ask in the forums, yadda yadda yadda.

I'm not going for the run-of-the-mill, pull the stereo MP3 into garageband and add some loops, no no no. My plans are far more grandiose.

BDC says

I worked at a pretzel shop before. It got pretty boring so we had a contest to see who could make up the best tasting pretzel combination and I won. It's a cinnamon sugar pretzel with strawberry cream cheese for dipping. Try it out sometime. ps- I love the song