Flickr Audio Only

ByJoCo January 1, 2006

By request, here’s a link to just the audio from the Flickr video. I don’t know if it really works on its own, but you should have it anyway: Flickr Audio


Tom says

love it.

perhaps an istockphoto encore?

tdl says

Of course it works on its own. Once you've seen the video a few times, your visual memory will bring forth the images when prompted by the audio-only version. Or at least mine will.

Josh says

I agree with the last comment, but it still is more touching/ funny when you see the video with it.

Erik says


At is in my possession...

Len says

Thank you. I will be playing it on our show tonight!

Len says

BTW, I think I will play a Jonathan Coulton song at least once a show. Your stuff is simply amazing sir.

mhenry says

I think this song works better WITHOUT the video. The extreme randomness of the lyrics crack me up.

Lumpy says

I played it on the last show. I did not know it was from the video and agree with mhenry. The randomness is funny.

DTH says

It is really funny to be seeing this as I go back into this blog... when I first got ToTW Two on CD, after JoCo's House of Blues show in Chicago, I listened to Flickr on CD - and had NO IDEA what the heck was going on in the song...

Of course, having heard JoCo live, and then ToTW One, I had a sense something was going on... but it was two months before I actually found the video for this.

Needless to say, I rather totally misunderstood some key lyrics - "Dwyer's rocking out", and "If you're receiving..." (which I, uh, thought might be a reference to gay-dar?! )