Coverville Countdown

By JoCo January 1, 2006

For those of you not already hipped to its charms, Coverville is a podcast that plays lots of cover songs – probably lots of great ones you’ve never heard before. They’re currently doing a countdown of the best covers played in 2005, and Baby Got Back is #2. It was an honor just to be played on Coverville, let alone to be up near the top of the countdown, nestled between William Shatner/Ben Folds’s “Common People” and Johnny Cash’s “Hurt.” I am not worthy. But Coverville is – give it a listen.


Brooklyn Bluesman says

JC-you're becoming so ubiquitous that IKEA will one day have to name a piece of furniture after you, which Swedish people will "titter" over because Coulton will mean something like "chastity belt" in their Viking language.

Lars nCompany says

Nice, congratulations. I like that contrast with Shatner shouting.

The Almighty Charles says