Thing a Week 15 – Resolutions

By JoCo December 30, 2005

Took a page from the Radiohead playbook here and had my laptop read some lyrics to you (thanks, American Academy of Pediatrics!). I also used my new dobro I got for Christmas, and my daughter’s toy piano. Happy new year everyone: Resolutions


Glenn says

We humbly beseech you for more lyrics. Lyrics demand to to be free!

Don't forget the sunscreen.

al saiz says

Happy New Year to all!

jp3z says

Happy New Year indeed. Also, I'll pretend this TotW never existed.

Khan says

It's too bad this is song at the top of the page, even for a week. I hope new visitors don't click on it first. It's not representative of what Jonathan has to offer.

Josh says

Ya, I agree. I mean this as a complement when I say that you have done much better. But still, not too bad. It is kinda funny that you did it.

Alex says

Doesn't matter if this ToW isn't that good - Coverville put JC at #2, and his other TotW's are great.

Congratulations and here's to an even better '06!

Erik says

Happy New Year!

JoCo says

Yeah, it so happens I can't really play the dobro or the toy piano that well. I'm swinging in the breeze here people, some of these things are most definitely not going to be excellent. Just goes to show you, even ball lickers have standards.

Paul says

Just goes to show that computer-synthesized speech still has a LONG way to go. Nice idea, though.
About halfway through the song I started thinking of HAL and could not stop chuckling. Sorry.

Wolfgang says

I believe this song is horribly misunderstood.
It is the best song I have ever heard, it gave me a smile and a grin and a laugh when I listened to it, and I listened to it 10 times over. Speech synthesis, quality of dobro, it is so irrelevant. The power of this song goes far beyond mere technical details. Thanks for reading.

Kim says

I believe Wolfgang is right. But he made me write this. I will not blindly write what he tells me to.

JoCo says

Ah, proponents. Even if Kim was coerced, that still counts as two thumbs up...

Wolfgang says

Well I swear I don't know any girl named Kim.
And my thumb is still way up :)

Angelastic says

It's a guy named Kim, isn't it?

pH says

this is absolutely beautiful. not every song needs to be a yankovic laughathon. amazing..

(required) says

Within 2 seconds I got the reference, and even though I'm "new" to you it proved that you can break through the barrier we call genre, without even blinking. I'm so glad I found you.

Looking forward to you working with Valve in the future.