Lazy Sunday

By JoCo December 19, 2005

I haven’t seen anything really funny on SNL in a long time, but this is pretty good: Lazy Sunday


The Almighty Charles says

Maybe I don't get the reference, because that's just as unfunny to me as the rest of this years' SNL skits.

dude says

Here are some downloads for you... the MP3 and video.

I found them both on RapidShare. Scroll down for the free download button, then wait 25 seconds and enter the verification word. Have fun.

MP3 - >

MP4 - >

Miles says

It's making fun of the way that rappers are ANGRY ALL OF THE TIME. At everything. Or something like that. I find it amusing,

Poohis says

I like the shirts! Awesome -


jerry s says

super funny!