Thing a Week 13 – Drive

By JoCo December 16, 2005

I don’t know what’s going on here, other to say that the gentleman in this song likes his car very much and doesn’t speak English that well. This is mostly a sketch at this point, it could stand to be dressed up quite a bit, but studio time was hard to come by this week so you’re going to have to suffer. I’m assuming that all the car companies will want to license it immediately for their commercials about people who LOVE TO DRIVE, especially if the car in the commercial is a Scion xB. All pimped out and phat. As they used to say in my day, “a bad ride.”

Here is the song: Drive


Josh says

I am sure they will want to license it. It has a half- techno feel to it. It is good. I like it.

Glenn says

I cannot confirm or deny a psychic connection that compels me to check out the site for the first time that day. (Of course, now that I say that, I see someone else has already commented.)

I think I've seen this guy driving around.

The Almighty Charles says

Hahaha, you are the master of "never the same thing twice", my friend.

Khan says

This is a great song. I like the variety of surprisingly listenable sounds you create.

Jennybean says

Hey, don't go dissin' on my phat ride! I got an unpimped Scion Xbox a couple of months ago and it gets 30mpg. And they are cheap, too, as long as you don't get all that neon. It even has a place for my Ipod shuffle to plug in, so I can have a liberal helping of Coulton.

But for some reason, my shuffle has a fondness for the song Sexbomb by Tom Jones. It picks that one all the time. So we call the Xbox the "Sexbomb."

But yeah, this song will go on the Ipod too. Unless you want to remake the song Sexbomb?

DTH says

I love this song SO much... I first played it during a 3 hour long late night trip cutting across Wisconsin - needless to say, I played it about 100 times, and even rolled down my windows in some of the small towns, just so I could be in sync with the music.

If anyone wants to make a video for this, it should include driving by moonlight along forested country roads...