Onion AV

By JoCo December 15, 2005

The bigtime has finally found me – a couple of people have written to tell me that Baby Got Back got a nice mention in the Onion AV Club this week, under Great Cover Songs of 2005. Thanks Onion! I like the designation “humorist,” I’m going to start putting that on business cards.


Glenn says

Good job. Incidentally, I set up a LiveJournal community a while back for you-related stuff. The interests are probably incomplete. I just noticed there are already people watching it, and I haven't even advertised.

Glenn says

Hey, you're also the "700 Hobo Names" songwriter. How does Mr. Hodgman feel about this?

Josh says

They say that your cover is soft- rock. Actually, me and a couple of other people thought it was a ballad. That was more funny, anyway.