NYC Appearance

By JoCo December 12, 2005

Traditionally I post these things the day of the event, which I know doesn’t help anyone, so I’m getting a bit of a head start this time. John Hodgman and I will be doing our book reading thingie at Pianos this Friday 12/16 at 7PM as part of the One-Story reading series. Martini drink specials will be in full effect starting at 6:30, so go ahead and get drunk then. It will make it easier for us to entertain you.


Mark Hense says

Your request that a New York crowd get drunk prior to your performance is akin to whatever Asian country it was where the soldiers used to fly planes into boats in an attempt to win whatever war that was.

I'll assume and response to this (or subsequent posts) mean that you survived the event.

paul says

If you guys haven't yet you need to make it down to Dallas.

It's safe. People here haven't killed a President in forever.

Travis Braud says

Don't ever come to La. if you know what's good for you!!!