Thing a Week 12 – Furry Old Lobster

By JoCo December 9, 2005

By request, this one comes from the book tour I’ve been doing with John Hodgman. In the book, there’s this very funny history of the lobster in America, in which John explains that what we think of as lobsters today really were not the first animal to be called “lobster.” In fact, the old kind of lobster was a sort of sea otter that was wiped out when the new lobster made its way north to Maine. Then I sing a sad song about the death of the furry old lobster, and also I wear a hat made from its fur. Hilarious. Here is the song: Furry Old Lobster


Glenn says

At my old college, we actually had a lobster registered with the pet co-op.

Sigh, I miss New England and its wide variety of lobsters.

Paul says

That's so sad, I never got a chance to taste a furry lobster with melted butter.

Mark says

Why exactly do you wear a hat made out of a FOL, anyways?

Alexandra says

I am so happy to hear ballad coming out of my computer but still wistful about the creature described, while fully aware that it is entirely made up. In short, genius. Thank you.

Alexandra says

(I forgot to include "this" before "ballad." No other changes to the above.)

JoCo says

Mark: I wear a FOL hat because I do a lot of work with the advocacy group FFOL (Friends of the Furry Old Lobster). It's unclear what my motives are, I just like the Furry Old Lobster a lot. Which I guess still doesn't explain why I wear one on my head. But hey - it's show biz! Guy in a funny hat!

Travis Braud says

tea cakes!

Aman says

It's a truth universally acknowledged that whenever IKEA is mentioned online, JC's song makes its way into the discussion. Or that was my theory, anyway, and I was delighted to have it confirmed by this DailyKos thread, in which someone mentions JC by name and posts all the lyrics to IKEA!

One day I'll post a comment that actually has something to do with the topic at hand.

Jacob Sager Weinstein says

That's a great song--sad and wistful, but funny, too.

One important question left unanswered: were the FOLs kosher? If so, the NFNLs are a definite step back.

Glenn says

I really love this one. I keep listening to it. I also finally got around to listening to the whole hobo list, and it's hilarious. What is John doing when he says, "stand by", is something getting edited out, or is that just for effect?

Maybe you should sell certified FOL hats and merchandise. I know after I bought a bunch of shirts, a coworker commented that he might like some, except he doesn't wear white shirts. I can sympathize. Some black or other-colored shirts might be nice.

Riverbelle says

Interesting post.

Is it possible to get notified of future updates from your blog?



michael says

i heard this song on attack of the show it would b awesome if i could download it 2 let all my friends hear it. i cant find it 2 download anywhere on this site so if u could plz email me. im happy 2 see that some good music is still out there instead of all this emo stuff u hear on the radio everyday we.. thnx i appriciate it

michael says

oh i just found it wow i feel dumb

Martin says

Hi there
Heard it on attack of the show aswell, great chorus, you have genuine talent, the best of luck!

AR says

Another one here that heard it on Attack Of The Show. Rawk on. One thing though: The accoustic version heard/seen on AotS is the far, far superior version of the song. Please JC, if possible please link that accoustic version :)

JoCo says

AR: I don't actually have a copy of that audio by itself, but it should be possible for someone to extract it from the windows video I linked to here:

Aman: Jesus, that's the longest thread about Ikea I've ever seen. Don't you internet people have jobs?

Michelle says

I feel a little dumb posting in a three-month-old entry, but I found a link to this article on a forum.

Furry Lobster Found
"PARIS - Divers have discovered a new crustacean in the South Pacific that resembles a lobster and is covered with what looks like silky, blonde fur, French researchers said Tuesday."

Mary says

Speaking of furry lobsters...

John says

The furry lobster lives. See this article:

Flingo says

What are the chords to the bridge? I'm dying to know!

Liam says

I think I agree that the version from "Attack of the Show" is my favorite. They're very similar, but there's a subtle plaintive quality to your voice in that one, like you're honestly pining the loss of these poor sweet creatures that's lost in the more polished version from Thing of the Week.

Either way, as always, I love the song and thanks for writing it!


Jennie says

My 5 year loved this song for a whole week and new most of the words. Then he got to thinking that it was really sad that they all died and he never got to see one. The song now makes him cry (I am not laughing - I am not a bad mum :0). Thanks for the link for the new furry lobster Michelle, it may have saved the day!

2000-year Old Geek (yes without the R, I invented Jesus) says

Mock Turtle Soup taste better.