Back Again

By JoCo December 6, 2005

Back in town again after a fantastic tour with John Hodgman and David Rees. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us – it was a rare and beautiful thing: an unbroken series of large, appreciative audiences. And David and John of course were most excellent. Buy their books.

There’s an editorial in the NY Times today from Damien Kulash, lead singer for the delicious power poppy band OK Go, about the Sony DRM problem. More of the same, but it’s good to hear it coming from a real professional rock star instead of a hack like me. The labels would have you believe they use DRM to protect their artists, but sometimes DRM is exactly the opposite of what the artist wants.


The Almighty Charles says

Wise words.

Rob says

Hey JC,

Loved seeing you in Richmond. Particularly loved your ode to the furry old lobster. Any chance of seeing a recording of it?

Christine says

Dear Jonathan,

As a member of the International Jonathan Coulton Fan Club, I was thrilled to finally be able to see you in person in Richmond in your hat. We at IJCFC (soon to have Official status) thought you were the hottest singer on stage. I've been downloading your songs for days (I have dial up). If I send you Mr. Hodgman’s book, will you sign it? I didn’t ask him, he seemed like he would say no.

Faithfully yours,
Christine from Richmond
IJCFC, Cadet Member