By JoCo November 23, 2005

My man, So-Jo. Here’s an article about the king himself (um, in which he talks about my song about him! Awesome!): Soterios Johnson in Columbia College Today


The Almighty Charles says

QUOTE>> “I’m quite honored,” Johnson says. “It’s a clever and catchy song written by a very creative guy.”

The Almighty Charles says

Ahah! That's awesome, man!

Nancy says


Brother Osric says

That is so cool. One, for this non-_Morning Edition_ listener to discover that there is indeed a Soterios Johnson, and two, to find that he appreciates the song. (Which, by the way, is one of my favorites in JC's oeuvre: clever and catchy, yes, and celebratory to boot. Altogether a guaranteed "you'll catch yourself humming this one" kind of tune.)

Glenn Peters says

Ah, so he's NYC's version of April Baer. I get it now. I was confused was to his place in the radio pantheon for a while.