Week Off

By JoCo November 22, 2005

Much as I hate to break the perfect record, I need to face facts. It’s Thanksgiving this week and I’m hosting a bunch of family. The house is going to be full and I will spend much of the week boiling and mashing various root vegetables, so I just don’t think I’m going to have the time (or the quiet) to put anything together. I feel bad doing this (how weird is that?), but I remind myself that I quit the day job in order to be my own boss. As my boss, I insist that I take the week off. Consider me officially on vacation.

But as a follow up to my mashup attempt last week, I present to you something that I found in the delicious mp3 links list. This is what they call a “good” mashup (The Eagles: One of These Nights and Kelly Clarkson: Since You’ve Been Gone) from a now sadly defunct site called Mashuptown. It’s called Spending One of These Nights with Kelly.


Glenn says

You've done a great job sticking with the Thing a Week. I wasn't expecting this stuff to be this great (because of the time constraint, not doubting your mad skillzes).

Enjoy the tubers and other food!

Vincent says

Slacker. (Kidding.) Excellent work so far. Enjoy your holiday.

Mike Salsbury says

You deserve the week off, dude. I've assembled a collection of your tracks in MP3 form (and ordered your two CDs from CD Baby). I plan to do a major review on your musical work on my blog... assuming I get any time to write it this coming week myself. :-)

Daniel says

Everyone needs a break now and then, and if your boss is mandating it you'd better not piss him off. Happy Thanksgiving!

Gle3nn says

Hope the Tryptophan is working it's magic for ya.
I am thankful for the chance to experience your amazing talent in fresh regular doses. you deserve some time off once in a while though.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Brooklyn Bluesman says

Dang JC-I'm very diappointed to find out you're purely human. I thought you were "Better"! Gobble, gobble hey!

Michael says

Sadly, the link to the song no longer seems to work.


Josh says

Talking about breaks, when are you guys (you, Hodgman, ect.) going to publish another Little Gray Book thing. I think they are awesome, and that is how i heard about you, so maybe if you expand that you could get a bigger fan base.