By JoCo November 17, 2005

I don’t know when I got so addicted to internet access, but I was without it for a couple of days and it felt like I had one eye closed. But I’m back. The ethernet cable in the room no workie, but there’s free wifi in the lobby of my Seattle hotel and I am living it up. Sorry if I’ve been a little unresponsive to your emails and comments, but I had an important meeting with my spirit animal in the desert (special shout out to Pete and Shawn for putting me up on such short notice). I also was very busy sitting by the pool and working on this week’s thing, which I’m afraid is a mashup. Pretty sure it sucks. Maybe it’ll make itself better in the next 24 hours.


The Almighty Charles says

I'm curious as to what your spirit animal is... but don't tell me if it's a letdown... like "kitten" or "goldfish".

Daniel says

I guessing your spirit animal is a monkey, but like AC said, don't tell if it's a letdown... like a monkey.

Lars nCompany says

I'm hoping you like Seattle, because I'm expecting you to be back there some time in the near future. (couldn't make it this time, number of conflicts) Preferably a weekend next time though and preferably when gas is somewhat cheaper.

JoCo says

As it turns out, my spirit animal is a Yorkshire Terrier. Not sure what that says about me. It was weird to see one of those just appear in the desert let me tell you, but not as weird as when the peyote made me feel like my face was melting off. Good times.

Toy Yorkie Dog says

What I like most about this blog is the diverse opinions.