Thing a Week 9 – The Town Crotch

ByJoCo November 11, 2005

Last week was so computery, I wanted a little palette cleanser this week, so you’re getting a nice simple all-acoustic number. This song is based on a memory I wish I had – none of this actually happened, but it is cobbled together from the many tiny bits of kindness and desperation and longing that come with growing up in a small town. I was always into older women in high school, and there was a time when they all seemed so tall and big and wonderful – especially the dangerous ones. The ones who were “built for speed” and who maybe had a certain reputation, but really they were just fun to hang around with. And if you were a skinny freshman in a social situation that was way over your head, they would take care of you, and drive you home in their dark, fast, dangerous cars.

I give you: The Town Crotch

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Erik says

Reminds me of my smallish town--bravo!

Chuy says


Daniel says

Another poignant and amusing peice. Reminds me of the parties we had in my small town (and some of the girls, too).
Just wanted to let you know I passed your website on to Bob and Tom (they are hosts of a syndicated radio show, you can check them out at if you care at all). I'm hoping they'll play some of your stuff on their show.
Also, I wanted to point out that giving away your music at no charge is like a drug dealer giving out free samples. Once your an addict, you have to come back and eventually you'll pay. Good policy!

PDubya says

Good God man, you are amazing. Why and the world you're not signed somewhere is beyond me...

JoCo says

Aw shucks you guys, thanks.

Daniel, thanks for the pass-along. If Bob and Tom know what's good for them, they'll get on this fame train NOW.

ZeroByte says

I love this, very poignant in a dirty way. Your humour and subject matter makes me think very much of Tom Lehrer. Sometimes rather intelligent, at other times crude and always having time for love songs. And the humour and wit is always sharp. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. I would buy your CDs but alas I am but a poor student without a credit card.

Noblogofmyown says

I just discovered you a few weeks ago through a "Baby Got Back" link on I have been hooked since. Not to try pegging you to a genre or anything, but I'd say you're like Kenny Loggins doing Weird Al type songs. I mean that in a good way, you have an excellent voice. I've been into folk music lately, and your songs border on that occasionally. You are definitely talented, as your thing a week proves. Thanks for the refreshing creativity, and I hope you get that big contract soon.

Gle3nn says

This is a great song. It reminded me of a girl I knew in a little town I lived in. She was beautiful and lots of fun, I could have had her but, I'm allergic to pennicilin.
I think you sound more like Jason Falkner or Jellyfish, especially the songs like Shopvac.

Wilbur Tillinghast says

One day a girl (17 years old I think) showed up at rehearsal for a play in a Korean War -vintage bomber jacket. Someone asked her how she got it, and she simply answered, "A veteran."

I liked her a lot, very feminine without the girly shit (I at least I believe I'm the male equivalent). I never asked her out because I knew I was leaving town and wanted never to come back, and beside that I think I felt a little special not trying to get into her pants.

Lexodus says

Absolutely beautiful and poignant. I love the song, especially the bridge. The line "We got drunk and loud under a thousand million stars" just strikes a chord deep inside me, because I've just parted ways with a great bunch of friends and this really reminds me of them. Thanks, JC. You rock.

Kev says

As oddly vulgar as one might think this song would be, it's actually very sweet. Brought a lil tear to the eye.