PopSci Podcast

By JoCo November 8, 2005

John Hodgman and I are just this moment working on a podcast for Popular Science from the Best of What’s New show at Grand Central Station – technology innovations, shiny things, robot mops, etc. This will be posted tomorrow AM on the PopSci site, so check it out. There is a small theme song by yours truly.

In the meantime, here is a video of girls with pork chops on their heads and a lizard who terrifies them: Meat Hats (via BoingBoing). God bless you Japan.


Glenn Peters says

Heh, I just got the meat hat link at work. And people think Go is silly.

Ahsirakh says

But Go is one of the most intelligent games there is, if not the most!

You have to credit the Japanese, though. They come up with crack without having to smoke it.

Glenn says

Hey, no argument here, it just doesn't often get its due.

Gilbert Carlos says

i really like the popsci podcast but i really hate the theme song, it's too loud too noisy it sounds awful. can you just use a normal electronic theme music like they do with discovery podcast or sc-am podcast? the current theme song is giving the show a bad taste despite its interesting science topics. you really have to take note from this message. thank you.

Chris Radcliff says

I have to disagree with Gilbert. "PopSci Podcast" is one of the finger-snappingest, toe-tappingest podcast themes in existence. Besides, it has that explaining-the-show-in-the-themesong thing that was so popular in 70s sitcoms and MST3K.