Thing a Week 8 – Sibling Rivalry

By JoCo November 4, 2005

This week, a little laptop music. I’ve been in airplanes and hotels all week, so everything had to happen inside my computer, which made for an interesting challenge. The vocal track is from some voice over work a friend of mine did for a TV show, cut up and arranged in Ableton Live. I added some loops, recorded a little guitar, and mixed it all on my Plantronics USB headset (all you audio engineers out there are cringing right now). I must tell you, for most of this week I despaired of getting to a place where this was in any way interesting. Then somehow in the last 24 hours the vocal track started to be “about” something, though I can’t say what. Sisters. Suspicious, fighting sisters. And someone goes to a mall.

Here is the song: Sibling Rivalry


Rach says

Your friend sounds a bit like Brent Spiner....

Glenn says

First Brookline, now Brooklyn! Will Brookhaven be next?

Grant says

Fun! Nice work under challenging circumstances. Not as easy to sing along with as the last couple "angry" songs (which were both great) - but there's the teasing hint of a story there . . .

Gabriela says

I live in Brookline, and found your song suprisingly accurate, and funny. How do you know of Brookline?

sue lew says

Now here's a song I can dance to! How very DJ Shadow of you. Hope your Brookline gig went swimmingly.


JoCo says

Gabriela: I went to college with a Brookliner and then I married one. I wrote that song for a Little Gray Books lecture about Brookline (which we actually just re-performed in Brookline this last weekend. I have become one of the pod people...

Susan: thanks dude.

jp3z says


Brooklyn Bluesman says

I knew it-your wife was the bionically altered character in "Better", right?

Glenn Peters says

jp3z: Did you think the child was a result of parthenogenesis? (Although with Jc, the choices abound -- cloning, monkeys, robot child minions...)

JoCo says

Yes, sorry ladies, there's a wife. You will have to find another unemployed manchild with a beard. Did I mention she is a robot wife?

Glenn says

I'm not hearing some o the lyrics in an entirely new light, particularly "you're forver married to Brookline".

Noblogofmyown says

This track makes me think of The Apprentice or some other challenging "reality" show.

remolon says

Great song! But please, check out the lyrics page.

D says

As in, the lyrics page link from the Songs page is broken.

Chris Radcliff says

Just listened to this for the millionth time, but this time I heard it differently. For some reason I started picturing a video for this where Jane and Joan aren't just sisters, they're assassins sent to kill each other. It fits well enough that I'd love to see it on JoCoPro sometime...

Might just be something I ate, too.

DTH says

OK, so I've been trying to figure out where the voice over came from... all I can imagine is some reality-type show, about two sisters in some sort of contest - making weird stuff, playing tennis, and... god knows what. So JoCo, I gotta know - just where did the voice over for this come from?!!

Claire says

I still haven't figured out where the VO came from, but I'm pretty sure it's David Guion's voice.

Voyagerfan5761 says

Rach: I can see where you're coming from on that. He does. In fact, I can hear in my mind a line where Data from ST:TNG uses the exact same inflection pattern as in "Jane and Joan need a time-out". I can't remember his words, though. Weird.

Voyagerfan5761 says

Sorry for double-posting, but I just listened to the voice a bit harder, and it doesn't sound like Spiner if you pay attention to the timbre. Brent's voice has a lighter sound to it; this guy's is too deep. It's definitely a striking first-listen resemblance, though.

Splee says

I know I'm late to the party here, but this tune kinda has a Lemon Jelly feel to it. I like it a lot, especially after reading this post about your constraints when creating it.

EJXD2 says

To me, this spoofs reality TV with cliches about needing a time out and rigged scavenger hunts where the teams find totally different things in the same location.

My new office catch phrase is definitely going to be "Joan and Jane need a time out."

Laisper says

NOOO! You're beard is the best one out there though :/.