On the Road

By JoCo November 4, 2005

Sorry for no postie, I’ve been traveling with Mr. John Hodgman doing book stuff. Chicago and now Boston. Last night we appeared on a public access cable show called NightBeat, or maybe NiteBeat, here in Brookline. It was live TV, and it was very strange – I was a little spooked by all the cameras, but I pretended like everything was cool so I’m sure I came off really smooth. I have a tape, which I will watch in private someday when I am very brave.

Today I’m doing a phone interview with Jimmy Diggs on a show called Daily Noise about Baby Got Back and maybe other stuff. That’s 1:30 EST, and you can listen at any number of internet stations – check the site for details.

And of course, tonight is the Little Gray Books lecture about Brookline, to be held in Brookline, when I will sing a song called “Brookline.” At which point the universe collapse in on itself.

This week’s thing coming soon…