Baby Also Got Back

By JoCo October 30, 2005

So this is weird. I was in the car driving back from Albany when my cell phone rang. It was somebody from K-something radio station somewhere in CA (I have a great ear for detail) who wanted to talk to the guy who did the Baby Got Back cover. He asked if I’d be willing to do an interview and when I said yes he asked me to hold on because he had to play a song, and suddenly the station feed was coming through my phone. I realized then that he meant I was going to do an interview, like, now. So I waited on hold a minute listening to them play some Boston song. Then someone else came on the line and said that they just wanted to make sure it’s my cover, and they play it for me. Turns out it’s not me – it was a little hard for me to hear over the phone, but I could tell it wasn’t me. Just a guy and a guitar, no other instruments or vocals as far as I could tell. I told them so, and they said they needed to regroup and then call me back. And then they never called me back.

Now I wish I could remember the radio station, or the guy’s name, because I’m dying to know where that other version came from. Is it possible there are two Baby Got Back covers floating around out there? Does this ring any bells with anyone?


Glenn says

Weird. I haven't heard it, although I'm not in California and I don't listen to that sort of radio much.

I've been having the mixed blessing of starting to see a lot of my LiveJournal friends say, "Hey, check this guy out!" -- but attributing it to another user, which means they've been ignoring all my directives to listen to you. (The cool thing about the last one was that it was "Skullcrusher Mountain", not "Baby Got Back".

Stephanie says

Loving your music... Just thought you may want to hear who people are comparing you to:

John says

Well, I DJ at KFSR--the college station at California State University, Fresno ( I played your version of "Baby Got Back" this past Wednesday (10/26), but I didn't call you for an interview. I don't believe anyone else from the station did either--and I'm fairly certain we wouldn't have been playing Boston. (Not that there's anything wrong with Boston.) Anyway, I know that doesn't clear up the mystery, but thought you might like to know that I've been playing "Skullcrusher Mountain" and "Baby Got Back" to the kids in Fresno and sending them to your website for more info. Love the things a week, by the way.

Laurie says

You were in Albany, and you didn't visit me? No fair!

A friend heard a folky cover of "Baby Got Back" being played on the radio near Rochester, NY, but I don't know if it was yours or someone else's.

Jessica says

I think it was KTYD. I heard it and thought it did not sound like you.

Margaret says

I've seen mentioned in a few places a "Christian" version of "Baby Got Back." "Christian," not Christian, because it's done by a comedian:

Rach says

not KPIG? They are a great internet station.

Dave says
dick smith says

This cover tunes thiing is SOOO played out....good luck with threatening to write a song a week..

jp3z says

It suddenly occurred to me that you could promote yourself on

Jon says

I do a cover a baby got back, have been for a a year and a half or so... but i don't think it's floating around the internet anywhere...


Ian says

Jonathan, I also do an acoustic cover of Baby Got Back, and my mp3 is supposedly circulating around the net - it was performed as a medley with 'Informer' by Snow. Admittedly my version isn't near as good as yours.

JoCo says

Well, I suppose it could have been anyone. It wasn't Richard Cheese because it was just a guy and a guitar. Who knows! Thanks for the tip jp3z, I'll look into that.

Amber says

I realise this is a *rather* old blog post, but I thought I'd suggest that it might have been the cover by Derek Kurth which just randomly popped up on my random playlist, and made me think of this entry. It seems to fit all the requirements, same general style, and a solely a man and his guitar.