Thing a Week 7 – Brand New Sucker

By JoCo October 28, 2005

My friend Brett tells me that last week’s thing was good because it was angry, and that I should be angry more often. Fine! This week’s thing is an angry breakup song! It was written a few years ago, but I somehow lost the recording. Honestly, it wasn’t that good an arrangement so nobody cared, I like this one much better. And the last verse needed to be rewritten anyway, somehow the first time around I missed the opportunity to do the “somebody, nobody, everybody” structure, which I find very satisfying.

Here is the song: Brand New Sucker

Hodgman book tour news: John and I will be at Quimby’s in Chicago on Wednesday November 2 at 7 PM. Then on Friday November 4 at 7:30 PM we’ll do a Little Gray Books lecture about Brookline, John’s hometown, at the Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline MA.


jp3z says

JC, how do you do it? Yet another work of genius.

SCottO says

INdeed. Mucho talento.

Brooklyn Bluesman says

Hey this song is rather dark and cynical, even a little menacing! I like that :)

Eric Ginsberg says

Fucking rock. Okay, so here's what I hear: great format with the Someone, Nobody, Everybody thing. Also, GREAT music. Very different for you. It reminds me of Peter Gabriel, circa mid 80's. No bridge, I noticed. Your songs always have bridges. However, the solo makes up for it. Bitchin' solo. I like how the third verse, after the solo, brings down the music. It's a nice touch. The only thing I would alter is, on "everybody likes it better that way", completely drop the music, then bring in the chorus a little more full (maye double track some things, or add another instrument, or crank the volume or something, so the last chorus kicks us out). Then, in the last chorus, on "somebody else", go up on "some", and fall down through the notes on "body else". Sing "I guess you better get a brand new sucker" two more times than you already do, singing it a little more forcefully and higher on the third rep. On the last line, "I guess you getter get a brand new man," instead of singing "new" as two notes, only sing the first one, hit the next note of the music sticato, and sing "man" with no music behind it...and that's the end of the song. Thoughts?

C Ya,

Derek C. F. Pegritz says

Good lord, the hell can you possibly write so much great stuff so consistently--and so quickly?! I thought your cover of "Baby Got Back" was truly the bee's knees, but THIS song is just Tha Shizznit, to quote that great urban philosopher, Mister Snoop "Doggy" Dogg. Hmm...that might be an idea, there--covering "Tha Shizznit." You really should explore more of your gangsta side, you know. It could be very liberating!