Hey! Canada!

By JoCo October 26, 2005

Just a heads up to my so-called friends up North – I’ll be interviewed on CJAD 800 AM tonight at 9 PM EST by Peter Anthony Holder. I suspect there will be some discussion of Baby Got Back. Also, John Hodgman and I will be appearing at the Chelsea Barnes and Noble tonight at 7 PM. He will speak of lobsters. I will try not to forget the lyrics to the song that I have not quite finished, even now. Should be fantastic!


Wilson Fowlie (aka CuriousMind) says

For those Canadians who haven't memorized the call letters of every radio station in 4 and a half time zones(!), CJAD 800 AM is in Montreal.

See: www.cjad.com

Jimmons says

THOSE DARN CANADIANS?! When will the learn?!

Mike says

In something entirely unrelated to Canada, I noticed a flyer in town tonight from one of my favorite coffee (and more) places announcing that John Hodgman will be there on November 5th to discuss a wide variety of things from his new book. The intrigue I am trying to unravel now is that this flyer also announced you would be there as well. Checking the Lady Killgrew's website, they do list Mr. Hodgman but there is no reference to yourself. Can you confirm that you will be attending with Mr. Hodgman?

JoCo says

Oh yeah, I guess Canada's kind of big isn't it? Anyway, yes, that was in Montreal and maybe I also should have mentioned that could listen online if you wanted at the website that Wilson so kindly provided. See how good I am at self-promotion?

Mike, so far the answer to your question is uncertain. I will be with him for some other shows in that leg of his tour, but possibly not for that one. Watch this site for details...