White Sox Curse

By JoCo October 23, 2005

As you may have gathered from all the songs about math and squids and cyborgs, I’m not much of a sports guy. But even a Frito-eating benchwarmer like me feels a little tingle in the ol’ rosin bag when I think about the possibility that this may be the year the White Sox finally break the curse. Of course you all remember the Black Sox scandal of 1919 in which “Shoeless” Joe Jackson and his band of player-haters got caught throwing the world series and were imprisoned in the Phantom Zone by none other than commissioner of baseball Kenesaw Mountain Landis. Since that dark day, the White Sox have never won the world series. Or something. Actually, I’m not too clear on the facts because I tend to skim when I read, and I haven’t really read much about this anyway. Still, in case you missed it the first time around, here is my song about that very subject: Kenesaw Mountain Landis. Devoted fans please note this is not a new song, it is just newly apropos, and I post it here just so the other kids can catch up.


Jimmons says

"Say it ain't so Joe! Say it ain't so!"

Thanks for letting us kids catch up.

Hey, the Red Sox won last year and broke their curse, right? Maybe it's a trend...

SCottO says

Could be (referring to the previous comment)... maybe even just a "sox" thing. Whatever those are.

I agree (referring to the blog) on your anti-sports position... I find watching sports quite time-consuming, just so one can brag to their neighbor that their favorite team "romped on youUuUus...". Now playing sports, that's different. Especially if it involves bodily contact with fast paced objects.


Brooklyn Bluesman says

This is a bizarre song -which I love. From Shoeless Joe to bald English Joe and even Elvis Costello. Great free association Baseball games are much more fun if you're there-a lot more going on than just the game.

Jimmons says

True dat...

I guess baseball's like a Kiss concert. Not much if you aren't there in the midst of it all. I remember the only game I ever went to. I was about four. It was an Expos V. Marlins game. It was the first time I ever had peanuts... Ah... Memoria.