Thing a Week 6 – Someone Is Crazy

By JoCo October 21, 2005

Whoo boy, rough week. That’s why this is getting posted at 7:30 PM – but I will point out: it is still Friday. This one comes from a verse that’s been floating around in my head for about 10 years. I think that originally it came from an argument with some girl about something, but I can’t remember anymore. I can still find the disdain in my heart though, that hasn’t left me. The amazing Cynthia Hopkins stuff on Wednesday night inspired me to dust off the old accordion and give it a whirl. Man that thing is hard to play. But that’s what Thing a Week is about. Dusting off old accordions. Hard to play. Rough weeks.

Here is the song: link

Following up with the Shop Vac solo contest, it looks like Vincent’s sweet guitar solo is the winner. Tomorrow I’ll swap out the mp3 that’s there with a new one that has Vincent’s solo in it, and we will both make a million dollars. Thanks again to everyone who submitted, I hope you had as much fun as I did. As I say, I’m very glad it was not me who had to choose.


rohit507 says


*smiles wider*
*smiles even eider than that*
*smiles so wide skin around the lips staqrts to tair*
*smiles so wide that face is completely mauled*
*stops trying to smile wider realizing he has made his point*
*Calls 911 and tends his wounds while waiting for an ambulance*

Kevin Ballard says

Haven't listened to it yet, and that's because you didn't put the enclosure stuff in the RSS feed for this week's thing. I'm going to have to download it and put it in iTunes manually! oh no!

JoCo says

Oops, I blew that didn't I? All you subscribers, the podcast feed should be fixed now. Curse you RSS!

rohit507 says

watch oct 21 rocketboom,
and also

Jimmons says

I just want to say, keep at it man. It's just nice to hear good music. And to know somebody out there loves it enough to quit his job for it... You should post that you have a child more so people feel guilty and buy your songs instead of just downloading.

Or say if they don't buy the songs your kitten will die...

But, thank you for the muzac!!!

rohit507 says

wait JC has a kid?? that is nowhere on thissite, or is it just to make us buy cd's?

mcwhizzle says

hahaha that was right on the mark

jp3z says

My opinion is that everyone is crazy.

rohit507 says


Misty says

Can you please post the lyrics to Someone Is Crazy?

I've tried getting all the lyrics to it by listenening
but still cant get it all :)

I'd love the lyrics ;)

Eddison says

The synth solo shoulda won I tells ya, THE SYNTH!

Jimmons says

It says it a few posts back he has a kid. "I have to buy milk for my baby to eat". Or maybe milk and baby were metaphors for money and me and eat was a metaphor for have. hmm....

And the synth is fooey! Fooey I say! There's nothing better then a classic folk... guitar... solo...

Lars says

On the thing with the solos, would it be possible to release special full-length versions of Shop Vac with the other solos mixed in? If it's too much work, that's ok, just thought that might be a cool thing to throw into the old iTunes playlist.

Also, love Someone Is Crazy more each time I listen to it, one of those things just about everyone can relate to.

Eddison says

Yes! I would love a version with the synth solo mixed in. That synth solo is Fountains of Wayne-tastic.

K. Ivan Ruppert says

(I have no idea if it'll be possible for JC to get this comment anymore. Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained)

Hey, JC. I'm a big They Might Be Giants fan, and this sounds alot like something they could have done circa _Lincoln_. Was that influence intentional or entirely coincidental?

JoCo says

K: I wasn't trying to emulate them with this song in particular, but they're certainly very big influences.

Emily says

I'm going to make all my whiny friends listen to this song now, particularly, "You're all alone? Well maybe that's because you're so unpleasant."