Gig Tonight

By JoCo October 18, 2005

Just a reminder: I’m playing tonight at 8:45 at the Apocalypse Lounge, 189 East 3rd St. between A + B. If you are over 30 and you have a child, you are excused. Otherwise, let’s boogie.


Sarah says

Hey! I'm over 30 AND I have a child, but Bruce is having people over tonight so I have to leave the apartment anyway, lest I be trapped in the closet. Okay, the bedroom. But I am a really old person with a child who's also pregnant, so I won't be able to hang around endlessly. Do you know for SURE that you are going onstage at 8:45pm? I'd love to see you (esp to make Bruce feel worse about missing it), but I am just too old to stand around waiting if it's going to be closer to 10pm.

JoCo says

Well, I've been told that I am kicking off the evening at 8:45. After me there are two more sets and then an open mic. So I think it should be pretty close to 8:45.

To clarify my post, all ladies of any age and pregnancy status are welcome to attend.

Sarah says

Excellent! I hope you are planning on doing "Baby Got Back." Your evil-genius reputation has increased exponentially this week. Not to mention all these crazy new fans - you might get MOBBED by pregnant women. Believe me, having a large fanny comes with the territory.

jp3z says

Sorry I couldn't make it to the gig tonight, but here's a token of my devotion (note, this is only my top 50 most played list):

B-Rian says

You need to come to Dallas!!! Gordo played your Baby got back on the radio this morning and I've found peace, relaxation, and ever last humor on your website the rest of the day on your website. Best of luck to you and your work and please, please, please come to Dallas......and let me know when you're here!!! P.S. AWESOME!!!!!

JoCo says

jp3z: I salute you sir. Your tribute pleases me.

B-Rian: someday maybe. Problem is, all the places other than NYC are so far away from here...

Sean says

Boston isn't too far away. Boston is close. You should play Boston. I'm just saying.

Maria says

I concur. We buy drinks for people like you up heah neah Hahvahd Squah. Many drinks.