Last One

By JoCo October 17, 2005

Got one more solo last night, just under the wire. This is Matt on the geetar: link

And I also put Vincent’s solo in the right place and go figure, sounds better: link

Now it is time for the voting, the backroom deals, and the inevitable tears. The poll is posted in the sidebar over there on the right, and will be open until I post this week’s thing which will be sometime Friday AM. Good luck everyone, and thanks so much for taking the time to submit a solo. This was really fun.


Dan Lurie says

Dammit! I couldn't even bring myself to stuff my own ballot box, vincents solo was just too kick ass!

Ryan Johnson says

Hands down, Vincents solo takes it. Matches the style and tone of the song better than any other and is superior talent-wise as well.

Have him redo it and watch his tempo at bar 5, drops a bit behind the beat. Be sure to faded it out sooner as that high note isn't jiving with the one chord when you go back to the top.

Killer tune though. Seriously, I love it.

Sharing the link with my band members.

Keep up the good work.

jp3z says

Did you finally sell out, or does that banner ad at the top have a purpose?

JoCo says

Sold out? No my friend: I Bought In. But for the most part, that banner lets me control what's in there, so it's mostly stuff that I actually like. Which makes me feel better. Plus the fact that I need to make money so that my baby has milk to eat and stay alive with. You know, I quit my job...

jp3z says

Oh, alright, I suppose you're vindicated. Food is somewhat important for most people. :P

secretGeek says

Mike is good if a little flashy, and vincent too.

If mike was a little less flashy it could be a perfect complement to the song. But as is i think Vincent noses infront.

Love your stuff!

Brooklyn Bluesman says

Having to justify making living-what vacuum does this person live in? JC you paid for site-you produce the content, and rightfully you decide what goes in it. Kudos to your puritan ethic to producing art-fortunately heavier on the art side than the puritan, as "First of May" will attest.