More Shop Vac Solos

By JoCo October 16, 2005

Two more came in this weekend. Get ready. Here are:




Anyone else want to submit, you have until I post the poll tomorrow. I think we’ll vote until Friday and I’ll announce the winner when I post next week’s thing. Thanks to everyone who’s sent something in, I love them all and I’m glad it’s not me who has to choose.

Update: I have screwed up the placement of Vincent’s solo – he sent me an mp3 with it in the correct context and it’s much better. I will fix it first thing in the morning, and then I will hang my head in shame until at least lunch.


Mhenry1384 says

Mike's synth solo goes with the Fountains of Wayne vibe so well that if it you make it part of the finished song they should probably sue you both.


Brooklyn Bluesman says

As much as I loved the melodics from last week-I've got to 2nd MH, Mike's synth solo is a great fit.

Matthew says

I really wanted to vote for Francis' melodica work because of its quirkiness and Lars' cello because it was so bizarre and ethereal (though meandering in the end). Mike's synth just kicks 'em all to the side though. It matches the tone of the of the vocals so well and bends in all the right places.

Francis says

This is why I mostly stick to songwriting. Solos are for other people.

JoCo says

Francis: I feel your pain. Why do you think I decided to let everyone else in the world do the solo for this song? Should have "learned the guitar" I guess.

Brooklyn Bluesman says

You screwed up Coulton-that fixes it. I'm gonna go comment on Brad sucks site:). Apprciate you being a mensch about it-Vincent's solo is sonically superior when in the right place.