By JoCo October 15, 2005

Someone done got me boing boinged (thanks Brian!). So hello internet, and welcome! Be sure to check out the songs page, and feel free to donate to keep Thing a Week going, or even buy a CD (CD Baby) or a song (iTunes or MP3Tunes). I will also warn all of you that my comment spam filter is sometimes a little overeager, so if you post a comment and it doesn’t appear right away it’s because it’s waiting for me to moderate it. Which I will do when I am done watching “The Village” by M. Night Shamalamadingdong. Do NOT tell me the ending.


patchmonkey says

I highly recommend getting SpamKarma 2 for WordPress if you're getting a lot of comment spam. I've found it to be incredibly accurate - and if it's not sure, it runs multiple tests (CAPTCHA, etc) to determine if the person is human or a spambot.


Garrick Van Buren says

Ok. I promise, I won't tell you the ending. I'll just say that it's the same movie as Bio-Dome.

Candy Addict says

I just watched The Village last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. It has so much hidden social commentary. Good stuff.


Candy Addict says're welcome! Always happy to support/encourage artists I enjoy!


John Malcome says

Yeah, The Village was pretty impressive to me too. Very good scenario, indeed. I've already watched similar movie, but I cannot remember the title right now? 8)

John Malcome says

And yes, btw. Bio-Dome is sooo great. I still laugh when I remember some scenes :D

Shig says

And also, Rosebud is his sled. And the ship sinks at the end.

clkbj says

Great rendition of that song! I can easily see it being played on local radio here in OKC. Can't wait for the album!

clkbj says

how did that get over here?