Thing a Week 5 – Baby Got Back

By JoCo October 14, 2005

This week is a cover of Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-Lot (note: he is not an actual knight). Had to activate the whole team for this one – guitar, mandolin, banjo and even some shakers and tambourines and other things lying around the house. I’ve wanted to cover this song for a long time, because it is excellent – there’s a wonderful message in there for those of you who have big butts. In the proud tradition of many white Americans who came before me I hereby steal and white-ify this thick and juicy piece of black culture. Watch for my album “Jonathan Coulton Sings Songs by Black People.”

Here is the song: Baby Got Back

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Noah says

HOLY CRAP that's so good.

JonF says

Wow. That has to be the best hip-hop cover I think I've ever heard

CuriousMind says

Hey, I thought we had until the weekend (I assumed the coming weekend) to submit solos! I may not get a chance, but I was hoping to put something together Saturday. :(

Not having heard the original of 'Baby Got Back', I can't comment on how good a cover it is, but I love your version for its own sake.

JoCo says

Mr. Curious: you're right, I did say that. OK then, no voting now, we'll wait till Monday to post it so you and anyone else has time to submit (and the early birds won't get a lot of extra votes just for sitting around.

Lee says

I love folk/country covers of rap songs. This may be the best since Phish did "Gin and Juice." Okay, it is better. There is said it. Jonathan Coulton is better than Phish.

You are the man!

sue lew says

JC, how do you do it? You've managed to capture a "lazy summer road trip, windows rolled down" feel while singing about bottoms and fornication. I can picture the video already...

I'd like to request a JC cover of "Milkshake" by Kelis if you're up for more...

here are the lyrics:

Candy Addict says

OMG - that is so freakin awesome! Great job, Jonathan!

sue lew - Chance did an AWESOME cover of Milkshake - it's HARD ROCK and rockin! Details here:
They also did When Doves Cry and Creep - both are very good too!


Glenn Peters says

I like the duck cameo. Very nice.

Arlo says

Right up there with Bills, Bills, Bills, JC -- very creative, very funny.

As of this evening, I can personally guarantee at least seven more people will hear this song (but unfortunately that won't add to your total listenership, as the peeps with whom I hang have already been turned on to Skullcrusher Mountain).

jp3z says

I'm looking forward to the release of that album.

Noah Ramon says

BEAUTIFUL. I've listened to it about five or six times since lunch.

Rachel says

Have you heard the mashup "Owner of a Lonely Butt"? It mixes, appropriately enough, "Baby Got Back" with "Owner of a Lonely Heart." Must be heard to be believed... :-)

Rachel says

Me again. I just remembered another alarming "Baby Got Back" cover -- Richard Cheese. Done sleazy lounge-singer style. Also a thing of beauty, though I think yours stands up to it beautifully... :-)

tian says

This cover song is fantastic. Earlier this year I have hosted a video by Dan Smith called "Baby Got Book".

Andrew says

If there was ever any doubt about how amazing you are, it has just been eradicated. This is fantastic.

danielle says

oh my god this song is so funny!!!! when i first herd it i was craking up for so long. he did a really good job on makin this song sound

mightydogking says

ye GODS, man!

You definitely just climbed to the top of the folk-rap cover heap.

It's a small heap, but a good one. This will bear repeating.

Bill Bradford says

This is the greatest thing I've ever heard. Bravo.

Anton says

Good cover, but I much prefer the lounge version performed by Richard Cheese. :)

Steve says

It was great.

Tim says

I had orgasms listening to it!

Alex says

Regarding "Gin & Juice" (which is awesome): Not Phish (hooray for p2p networks mislabeling something, then propgating it!).

But this is awesome, and not Phish too.

There's also Nina Gordon's recent-ish version of "Straight Outta Compton"

Francis says

That mash-up is actually called "Owner of a Lovely Butt" (but yes, it is totally awesome; right up there with "Owner of a Sex Bomb", featuring Tom Jones).

Tracy Bonham did a killer cover of "Milkshake" at Summerstage this year, and I'm dying for a live MP3 of it. But a JC version would be a good consolation prize.

Slavko says

You Rock!!!

Johnny Chadda says

I just can't belive what I am hearing. It is just perfect!

allan says

NWA actually does a delightful honky-tonk inspired number known as "Automobile". Possibly the crudest song I've ever heard in my life, but a helluva lottta fun, and a nice down-home country feel.

Brian P says

I got you BoingBoing'd Jonathan:


Matthew says

Excellent work.

And a note: The Gin and Juice cover that everyone attributes to Phish (or even Dave Matthews, for some unknown reason) is actually by a little known band called The Gourds.

Not an Idiot says

Phish didn't do a Gin and Juice cover, moron. That was by the "Gourds." Phish lack the talent to do something of that caliber.

Randal C says

Well done, sir. Excellent.

LUEser says


this will be seen by many....

Daniel Burns says

Great cover! Really great!

Would you be so kind as to share the chords? Maybe list the chords in relation to the lyrics?

I would appreciate it!



Kesey says

Is that a cover of Baby got Back or Leaving on a Jet Plane? ;)

Robert says

Oh. My. God.

Can I be just like you when I grow up? Please? I think...wait a minute...yes. I've just had an epiphany, and I don't even know what "epiphany" means, but I know I just had one.

Best. Cover. Ever.

Sean says

Very clever. I'm waiting for the album.

chris sivori says

Awesome. Best cover ever.

Nelson says

that was great

Shawn Rouse says

Amazing! Best cover ever... well done, Jonathan!

YadaHey says

There is the "Boys In The Hood" remake by Dynamite Hack (original by Eazy-E). Good stuff too.

Brett says

Holy. Crap. This is the most awesome song I have ever heard. I've never really heard a rap cover, but this gives me a good impression on them. I have listened to this song like 5 times in a row and it never gets old. You voice is AWESOME. I am passing it around to all of me friend so they can ee how awesome it is.

Vincent says

Most excellent cover. Also, if I were king, I would definitely bestow knighthood upon Mix, just to make it official.

emma says

This made me laugh so hard I then had a coughing fit. And now I'm finally going to come out of lurkdom and comment.

Two things which you might find entertaining:
(Baby Got Back in Latin, with scholarly translation)
(Baby Got Back, Regency English style)

Mike says

The John Denver/Freddy Mercury overtones make this one cool enough, but THE FUNNIEST rap cover EVER was a few years ago -- "Gin & Juice" again (pre-Gourds, I think) but read as inspirational-style poetry by a silky-voiced radio announcer ... complete with ocean wave sounds in the background. It was a million times more wicked than the original! Unfortunately, it was also a .swf, so there was no metadata, and now I've lost the file! Anyone know the name of that unknown genius, or have a link to the file?

Snarkyspot says

LOFL. Simply awesome!

A.R.Yngve says

Once again, Whitey steals the Black Man's music. It's the American Way.

(OK, it's funny, but still... :))

Mhenry1384 says

Owner of a lovely butt ( was... wow, I'm speechless.

Ceponatium says

This is awesome! I'm a new listener and will definately check out more. :D

Also have any of you heard the cover of Gangsta's Paradise by a little known band called Battery? It's garbage but if you're into funny covers of hip hop songs...

Tommy York says

This song is AWESOME.

I've one question about the introduction "hey face with the oakland booty" that's played later in the song. What's that harmony? It sounds amazing.

DarthDavey says

I found this song yesterday and was absolutely blown away by it. Since then, I've been listening to some of your other music and I have to admit that I'm hooked. Keep up the great work. Hope to see more good stuff like this in the future.

Darling says

Simply divine.

geneticmaterial says


Ryan Cordell says

That has to be the best cover of any song I've ever heard. I'm going to be playing that again and again.

Loraan says

Regarding chords, the verses seem to be:

I [C] like big butts and I [F] cannot lie
you [C] other brothers [F] can't deny
when a [Dm] girl walks in with an itty bitty waist
and a [G] round thing in your face


Oh [Em] babe, I wanna get wi'cha
and [Am] take your pretty picture
My [F] home boys tried to warn me,
but that [G] butt you got makes me so horny

That's all I can figure out for now.

Fraser says

The spoken-word version of Gin & Juice is available on p2p, just search for "gin juice spoken word". It's by Jack Handy apparently, and it may have been a B-side from Dre's label itself.

jfghjghjtfyj says

KILL0R!!!! you rule kid.

Bob says

This is the best thing I've ever listened to.

JoCo says

Loraan has the chords right. And in the chorus it's just Am Em F G. As for the harmony, um, I don't know, just some notes I made up and sang. It's actually "LA face with the Oakland booty" and there are three parts, one of them very low and necessarily very breathy and growly.

How come nobody has mentioned "Bitches Ain't Shit" as covered by Ben Folds?

Mister Skippy says

Actually, for a great cover of Gin and Juice as well as some other Hip Hop and metal classics you should google up Hayseed Dixie. Bluegrasas at it's finest, inspired by the muses of our times :)

As for this , I was crying it was so good. Finally a rendition of this classic which the WB could squeeze into a "very special One Tree Hill"

bigLarry says

This is genius!! You may get famous with this, dude.

Arlo says

Mister Skippy, you nailed it! If it weren't for the copyright snafu, I could actually see a show like Scrubs using this in a dream sequence. You know, right towards the end of the episode as the moral approaches.

Who's got the time for a video mashup?

JC: Gratz on being Boing'd. How's the bandwidth holding up?

Scottdh says

Reminds me of the Dynamite Hack version of Boyz in the Hood. Nice work.

JoCo says

Ha! Bandwidth! I'm getting killed, but I'm loving it. And I must again give mad props to Hostbaby who gives me unlimited bandwidth for $20/month (though they DO say something about "within reason" so I'm kind of waiting for that call).

MCM says

Absolute genius!!!

DotK says

Fantastic. Awesome. What talent.

cubefarm says

This just made my Monday here in Cube land...EXCELLENT! Thank u :))

ferg says

Had probs on my mac..

best to do is.. search "Thing a week" in music store and subscribe to the podcast..

Cowicide says

This song is great!!! But...

Dammut!!! I knew I should have put my heavy-metal version of this song online! Baby got back with a metal riff is sweet. But, now I'm going to look like a copy-cow if I put my version out now. Dammut!!! Oh well.... I might put it online eventually anyway... I'll wait till all the hub-bub has died down here...

Well, anyway.. here's my nice and tight "Jesus Juice Song"... heavy, dude...

Would it be alright if we drank some jesus juice tonight?

TooBeaucoup says


You da MAN!

Gordon Keith says

My God, I think I found home.

theGrit says

Very fun! This isn't my style of music, but your talent is tremendous.

Richard Cheese also did Kelis' "Milkshake." That one's pretty hard to beat, so I'd love to hear your version.

Matt says

JC, I couldn't click the 'confirm' buttom fast enough for my Amazon payment to you. You deserve every $ you get!!

Brian says

They just played this on WNNX (99.7 99X Atlanta, and it was a thing of beauty. Had me sitting in the parking lot of Publix (grocery store) in shock and awe. Thank you thank you thank you.

Daniel Burns says

COol! Thanks for the chords. I can't wait to serenade my girlfriend! ;)

SMaL says

Great job on the song, you should also consider some of the other songs from that album, specifically Swap Meet Louie and One Time's Got No Case.

JimmyJuice says

I like this version of baby got back... It's at the bottom of the list on this page. RonnyT is a pal and a talent. He had Sir Mix on his show a few weeks back, too.

Karen ES76 says

Great bluegrass! Very Connecticut (Phil Rosenthal, Paul Howard, Stacy Phillips) sound. So, have you heard from Sir Mix-a-Lot? He's a great guy, I'm sure he's flattered and amused at the transformation.

Greg Stalnaker says

hey they played your version of Baby got Back on KTCK "The Ticket" in Dallas this morning. It is a sports talk radio station but, they talk about all kinds of non sports related things as well. It is very popular with guys in Dallas. Gordon Keith is the "non-sporty/comedy" guy in the morning and also writes for the Dallas Morning news and was the former host of The Mark Cuban TV Show (dallas mavericks owner) and worked for the local CBS affiliate as well. There is a link to your song on glad to find your site and when I get a few bucks I will come back and buy an album.

Phyllis Baker says

I stumbled on this site and just heard your beautifully hysterical cover of Baby Got Back - are there other covers yet or must we wait for an album? What a hoot!

Adam says

Just so's you know: The link ot this page is now making the rounds on LiveJournal. At least one reader reports passing it on to a DJ friend in the Binghamton, NY area, who will likely give it airplay.

Utterly brilliant. Many brains have been broken by this.

Betty says

SImply awesome

KC says

You are my hero!

iago says


Sarah says

Oh my Lord. This was too much. Best cover ever.

It is awesome that you have been boing boinged! You're like a meme now. A little human pop culture virus being transmitted from person to person until everyone in America has been infected and no one can keep a straight face on May 1.

Meanwhile, I confess to a little trepidation. You're one of the popular kids now! Will you still talk to us dorks now that you're a big cheese?

JoCo says

Aw, Sarah, it ain't like that, baby. You can dress a dork up nice but he's still a dork. Trust me.

rich says

ahhhh, it's like a koala crapped a rainbow in my brain....look, try making up your own lyrics buddy, filling in your cheesy song with rap lyrics that you know white people will recognize is old news. how about ice ice baby? thong song? nothin but a g thang? gin and juice? oh wait, that ones done. better hurry and grab the other ones before someone else does. It's all so they can gain popularity for a song that's otherwise lacking...

Lawrence says

Nice song!

greets from the netherlands VkMag_com heerst!

JoCo says

Those are all excellent suggestions Rich. But I don't think I could write my own lyrics - sounds hard!

Kathryn says

SOOOOOOO BAD!!! SO very very BAD!

tartanninja says

I came for the Baby Got Back, stayed for the rest. I love your music! I passed BGB to one of our overnight DJs. Not sure what came of it, but he's got a great sense of humor. Thanks for sharing your talent and I wish you continued success!

Terror del Fuego says

Note to Lee: Phish never sang gin and juice. What you are likely thinking of was actually the Gourds and was mislabeled by every college kid in America when they downloaded it. It is fabulous though.

Kathryn says

Tommy York, regarding the "LA Face with the Oakland Booty" harmony, I think I've got it sorted out:

Top Voice: A A C A-A B A B A

Middle Voice: E E A E-E E E E-G F

Bottom Voice: A A C A A E E E F (octave down from top / middle)

I'm not totally sure about the bottom voicing on the third beat, the word "face," where I have a C. Maybe JC can step in and correct me if I'm wrong.

Man, I've been a fan ever since Skullcrusher Mountain tore its way through my peer group like a bad case of scabies. This feels a little like correcting Moses' spelling.

Isabel C. says

wow...that was really cool... i'm kinda a fan of the original... but this was ok... as for constructive criticizm goes... kinda long... it does the same thing over and over again... i know that the original does that too.. just that the original is like 2 minutes long... yours is like 5... otherwise... nice job.. i would have never thought to do that.

sean george says

Let me know when that album comes out? I want it on vinyl...

JoCo says

Kathryn: good ears, you have it mostly right- the bottom voice doesn't jump to C there, it just stays on A. And Moses was a terrible speller.

hugh says

LMAO at... the comments roll on the side of the main page:

JC: Kathryn: good ears, you have

Like Yoda you sound.

holly says

you are amazing! when is your album out?!

holly says

please tell me that album is not a joke.

Kathryn says

HA! My extremely expensive incomplete music degree finally pays off! My parents will be so proud!

Dan says

Hi JC! I heard your song played on the Coverville podcast, and I laughed so hard because it sounds so different than the original. which is great!

pixie says

rockin. so very awesome.

Daniel says

Absolutely hilarious. Thanks for this!

Mythgarr says

JC, I'd get an album out by you.
Oh -

Nodwick, anyone?

tian says

Has anyone ever heard of "Notorious MSG"? A Chinese rap band that specialized in making parody videos of well known rap songs?

they even made a member's "death" to be Notorious B.I.G.-like. To complete the parody, I made a tribute video feat. Puffy Daddy's "I'll Be Missing You".

CW says

That was good! Have you ever considered doing a cover of Bling Bling by Cash Money Millionaires? I would love to hear it.
I mess around and write a few songs. I cant sing good , but you could re-do them and come out with an original album. When you hit the big time we could both retire and not have "real " jobs. We might even need a $50,000 pinky ring.
Peace out homey,

none says

The cover that circulates on the net of "Gin & Juice" almost always credited to either Ween or Phish is neither. It's "The Gourds".

Ethan says

Brilliant.... there's nothing more to say.

Dell says

You know, at first I downloaded this song as a novelty thingy. But the more I listen to it, the more I like for its own merits.

Do you do requests? I would like to hear your cover of "Leaving on a Jetplane."

Rachael H says

Jonathan Coulton...I have fallen madly in love with you. Will you marry me?

Looking forward to the release of your album. Just beautiful.

leianne says

it sounds almost romantic. wonderful job.

juz says


Mags says

Oh. My. God

Michael says

Pure genius. I can't stop listening. Funny and brilliant is a combination that's hard to beat.

Paul Jefferson says

It's all been said. This is a great cover, and I love songs that yo can actually understand the words and their often hidden meanings. It's actually a very clean song (or at least not as raunchy as others) and the tune makes it all worthwhile.
Do more, please

GuitarEC says

Okay, this will sound wierd, but could I get a copy of the music with the backing vocals only? I played this for a friend of mine who runs a karaoke show, and she "Triple-Dog-Dared me" to get on stage and sing this version at her show. Don't have much to offer in return, but would be willing to video / audio tape the performance and send you a copy of it.

Great job - and I thought I was the only one out there with a completely wacked sense of musical humor.

Eric "GuitarEC"

Evan Platt says

Gin & Juice is also Dynamite Hack.

They also did:
Boyz in The Hood
Call It A Night
Gin & Juice (Among others)

buggy says

Wow. Getting lynched for playing this in the student union shop during Black History Month would SO be worth it.

Aaron says

Absolutely brilliant. Keep up the great work. I can't wait to play this song to my friends, who love the original, and see the look of horror on their face (I hope they enjoy it as much as I did but I have my doubts).

Will Costello says

Nice job with the big buts mix, I thought at first it was going to be cheesy but it is very well done and it sounds very professional and very funny. I can't even imagine it it is a rap song. Very Funny becaause how absurd it sounds and how well it is done. Good job.

Wellintn says

I am father than haven't son than fully have girls and love girls son night day never day and ever night leave please and have got jump up and down

ray says


Dahotmop says

Great remake. Just for your info Lee, Phish did not do the remake to Gin and Juice. That was The Gourds.

Meri says

When is the new album coming out?

Jason says

Pure genius, very well done! High quality! Most excellent!

Pretty says

I was already on the floor after the first five seconds of the song. "LA face with the Oakland booty...". The music outside of the lyrics is hysterical.

Alicia21 says

Wow! that was great! It was so good that even my band teacher played it to the class! it was hilarious. I think you did a really great job!

TCReganasta says

This might be the funniest thing I've ever heard. Kudos to you for keeping a straight face through your artistic folk version of Baby Got Back. LA Face with the Oakland booty. Unreal. Put out the CD referenced, and I'll buy it in a moment, as long as this song's on it.

Yer Mom says

When is the album coming out. This cover totally freakin rocked! I just listened to it about twelve times. It really rocked my flippin day!

Billy says

My sister brought me here to listen to Baby Got Back.
I am so much more in love with the stuff YOU wrote.
The Future Soon, I Crush Everything, Better...
Just some of my favorites.
You make my valves throb.

JIM says

That Rocks......What else can I say, and that song is a personal favorite of mine!!!

xvgsdgadf says


dude says

LOL!!!!!!!! i didnt think anyone could do that with a rap song

sam says

wow this at first made me laugh but im like its reaaly good!

Georgiou says

Wow... i never cared for that song until i heard your cover, haha, now i can't stop listening to it. It's like hip hop fused with moonlight in vermont... great sound.

Dave Woodwater says

Thank you so much for this.

That was awesome. :)

Rafael says

WOW... haha thats frigin awesome. Sounds like Travis doin their take on Sir mix a lot. More more!

Dave says

Awesome, you ever hear the Richard Cheese version? More "Big Band" style, I do like this one better, upbeat & catchy!!!

~*~Canadian*Gurl~*~ says

he he
that is awsome!!!
you are a really really good singer!!!!!!!!
i know all the words to the one by sir-mix-alot and i could sing to this one and i actually like it better!

Leslie says

If ya happen to know the Lee that said you were better then phish doing Gin and juice please let him know I'm pretty sure The gourds Covered Gin and Juice not phish! As for your cover its great! I passed it along to everyone I could think of!

Wayne says

Definitely the Gourds who did "Gin & Juice" (It's on the "Shinebox EP" along with a cool cover of "Ziggy Stardust"), but this was great! It couldn't have been any whiter if it were covered in milk and Wonderbread (with the crust cut off).

Jen says


I would like to hear some 2 Live Crew "Bitch get out of my house". I think that it what its called..???


Chuy says

So that was really cool. Kinda like when Phish did that cover of Gin and Juice.

/ ;)

greer says

Dude, that is awesome. Thanks for the many laughs.

Booty Fan says

You sound so melancholy...about ass. I'd like to request "We Want Some Pussy" next.

maryr says

Sir, I think you may be my new best friend. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Vodka says

when i heard about the cover i was already laughing, theni heard it and laughed harder. being jamacan it was 15 times funnier. [god i hate country]

Jesus says

I LOL'd.

Travis says

The throwdown cover, with the old singer, is way better

Sean says

Pretty good. However, I must throw my hat in for "Bitches Ain't Shit," by the venerable Ben Folds (who I am seeing tomorrow night at First Ave, bitches!)

James Tiernan says

I had a good hard wank while looking at this picture so thanks a lot coz i blew some load. It was badly needed.

Ridiculous says

The idea of this song is funny, but the music itself is excruciatingly horrible. If that was the goal, I guess you succeeded, but this 5 minute long musical joke drags on a little long. You should consider doing 5 minute long medleys of a number of songs - everyone gets the idea after about one minute. Refer to Weird Al Yankovich's "Polka Your Eyes Out".

mixmastermateo says

Great song dude - do you have the lyrics?

atta boy

mixmastermateo says

please send lyrics

stella says

that was AWESOME.

C.J Hixon- in awe says

That is fucking genius!!

clkbj says

First of May made me laugh my ass off!

potechi says

i love it !

shane says

This remake pales in comparison to the unbelieveable version done by Richard Cheese a few years ago. I highly recommend a google search on it. It was so good I bought the c.d.

Lucy says

Thats the coolest thing ever, i love it........yay for you jonathan!!!! u rock

Artchick says


I've heard the version by Richard Cheese, and I agree - it's extremely funny. This one is, too, though. They're just funny in different ways. Cheese' version sort of slaps you in the face while yelling "laugh, damn you!", while this one sneaks up on you and stuffs the laugh down the back of your shirt around an ice cube when you least expect it.

That's a good thing. ;-)

Andres says

Excellent cover!

Ted Mielczarek says

My fiancee can't stop listening to this song. She's totally hooked. Great job!

Andrew Portman says


jurischicken says

Baby got back from where?

Ubergiles says

Someone took the time to compile an compliation of rap covers here:

Arnold says

This song brought a tear to my eye. It's about time someone crooned to the glory of a fine ass with such conviction.

vandy says

I want this on myspace!!!!!!
Good stuff, Good stuff.

Donna says

check out this new version of baby got back...

Marcus says

Phish does NOT do a cover of "Gin and Juice". The Gourds do. A mis-tagged .mp3 has been floating around the internet for years. Phish sucks. The Gourds are awesome. Check them out.

TRACi says

It's a song us flat-butted white can shuffle our feet to and we thank ya!

Chris says

Yeah. I can hear "Leaving on a Jet Plane" in the background as well. Nice cover anyway.

Kevin says

That is the best. Why isn't this all over the radio...fantastic work. Even this 51 year old fart likes this. Your going places.

Uncle Mikey says

That...was either the best thing ever...or the worst. I'm really, truly not sure which.

Either way, keep up the good work!

Viktor says

This is really good! I'm loving it!


I'm gonna run this track at the end of every set! The crowd will go bananas!

Need Some Help says

How do you get the song onto an mp3 or a PSP?

alison bleiweiss says

Hi i just love the loseyourself song by eminem and the beat that goes with it.
love ali

MisterJimmy says

Damn, that is about as perfect as it can get!

Ricki says

You're my hero! Not just your covers but your originals are great. Keep it up.

Young Banks says

Damnnnnnnnnn baby got some azz for real for real if i was to hit that shit the only thing i would feel is that azz iam out holla

Young Banks
Aka Snow Man

AJ Watts says

Hell yeah!

Ben says

You got airplay on 99X in Atlanta! Laughed my arse off in Monday's evening commute traffic...

kayla breeden says

im gay!i dodnt how 2 brush my hair

Young Banks says

man let me let you know my gurl got ass but damn i wish her azz was that big bo i fuck tha shit out that bitch

salkfj says

your gay

salkfj says

oh my god, look at her butt it is so big!...that is a flippen WAY better version than this crap....

Ben says

I really like your version, great job :)

Emma says

Wow! What an awesome cover! I would go so far as to say that your version is better than the original. Your song has been stuck in my head since I first heard it yesterday, and I've been walking around my house singing it like a madman. I ended up DLing the rest of your songs on iTunes, and I've definately become a huge fan. Keep up the great work!

Dan Kuykendall says

I saw the slashdot article about Code Monkey and after falling in love with that song, I started reviewing your archives and found this... WOW this rocks, and is FAR better than the original!

Your brilliant!

Mayra says

hahahahahhahahaha!!!!, its funny!!!!! and its souns pretty!!! hahahahahahahaha!!!! but you missed the "ohhh my god... blah blah..." x'D...
very good

miby says

its good, a little desterbing but good, you should have the original for reference though

dannyboy says

The start of it kinda sounds like american pie by Don Maclean... or maybe that's just me.

atari princess says

That has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever heard! Job well done! :)

bob says

fuck you bitch

macy says

yor r stupid

macy says


yogan says


yogan says


Tracy says

This is sooooooooooooooooooooo funny!!!

Nat says

dude.. you're so gay i don't even know where to start, like.. seriously! you white folks take it to the extreme! you completely ruined a classic one hit wonder song. you took away the spunk and made it.. "blah". if you're gonna cover songs.. do it right. don't just steal the lyrics and add your own sound to it and gay style, it defeats the purpose. wow.. this is not fun. not fun at all.

johnson weed says

HAH! this came out on my birthday!

keisha says

sup, yo just listened to your song and it was okay, i just dont understand y you be takin really good black songs and makin em' white? it makes no sense the black people came up wit em' didn't they? yeah well thats what i wanted to say and peace out.

J. Smitty says

The singer of this cover is awesome. But, by doing a cover to this dumb song, it was a waste of his breathe. Good voice!

-J. Smitty

Jason says

Am I the only person who only gets 1:04 of this song when I try to download it?

Chris Hansen says

Jason, no I have the same problem... I can get about two minutes of the six minutes using FireFox and then it gets an end of file marker. If I use Internet Exploder I only get about 20 seconds or so.

Jonathan, any chance of uploading a new version or perhaps a zipped up version?

I must say, I've gone back through your archives listening to every song and they are simply amazing. I came in for 'Code Monkey' but there are so many wonderful songs, both originals and covers. I'm planning on ordering CDs; any chance of an autograph on the disk?

trsohbeti says

That is fucking genius!!

Tom Boutell says

Hahh! Too awesome.

If I may ask - how are you handling the licensing issues for online distribution of a cover song?

You can do a statutory license and pay nine cents a pop (or so) for copies people actually buy, so that's not too difficult.

But licensing for when people just listen on your site for free... I almost went blind trying to sort that out. Are you stuck paying a performance royalty on our free listens?

Jacoby says

Why am I reminded of Barenaked Ladies? :)

Great song!

msn nickleri says

that has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever heard. thank you

güzel kızlar says

The singer of this cover is awesome. But, by doing a cover to this dumb song, it was a waste of his breathe. Good voice!

nichole says

while i'm not typically a hiphop fan, Baby Got Back is THE song most likely to be stuck in my head for the past fifteen years or so. i'm delighted to have a new version of it to kick around in my brain :-). thank you!

(heard about you in nyt magazine, congrats.)

Sohbet says

I’m looking forward to the release of that album.

w2 says

heard it for the first time today. great tune. must shop this around for more air play. great melody. Yo.

islam says

Excellent work.

And a note: The Gin and Juice cover that everyone attributes to Phish (or even Dave Matthews, for some unknown reason) is actually by a little known band called The Gourds.

Yemek Tarifleri says

ye GODS, man!

You definitely just climbed to the top of the folk-rap cover heap.

It’s a small heap, but a good one. This will bear repeating.

Ödev says

Phish didn’t do a Gin and Juice cover, moron. That was by the “Gourds.” Phish lack the talent to do something of that caliber.

Resim Oylama says

Damn, that is about as perfect as it can get!

toplu email toplu eposta says

Has anyone ever heard of “Notorious MSG”? A Chinese rap band that specialized in making parody videos of well known rap songs?

Sevgi Seviyorum Seni Sohbet says

HOLY CRAP that’s so good. : )))))))))

Massachusetts Coalition for a Democratic Future says

Why am I reminded of Barenaked Ladies? :)

Great song!

vip people of america says

Through a random linking of clicks today I found This song which I thought was pretty funny/crafty. I can’t imagine it’s easy taking Sir Mix Alot and turning it in to Peter Paul and Mary…but he did it.

Komik says

Jonathon Coulton’s rendition of “Baby Got Back” is awesome. Other enjoyable Coulton tunes: “Code Monkey“, “Tom Cruise Crazy“, and “When I’m 25 or 64“.

Janae says

Wow. If i hadn't know this was "baby got back" i wouldnt have recognized it. I had to listen really closely. Thanks for a really funny song. (^o^)

hikaye says

Phish didn’t do a Gin and Juice cover, moron. That was by the “Gourds.” Phish lack the talent to do something of that caliber.

sex says

Excellent work.

And a note: The Gin and Juice cover that everyone attributes to Phish (or even Dave Matthews, for some unknown reason) is actually by a little known band called The Gourds.

Lee-Sean, Hepnova Multimedia says

I would just like to share my Britney Spears cover/homage: Hit Me Britney One More Time:

Lee-Sean, Hepnova Multimedia says

Oops, link didn't work, let's try that again: