MySpace Worm

By JoCo October 14, 2005

MySpace user Samy built a worm into his MySpace profile that got him a million friends in 24 hours. I should have thought of that. Here’s his kind of contrite/kind of braggy confession and a description of how he did it: link (via Waxy).

This week’s thing coming soon. Still mixing. Hope you like covers…


Glenn says

I was surprised to see The Future Soon getting vastly more plays than anything else (not that it's not good, it's just that the other songs are greeat too) -- going back to the page, it loads automatically, so I'm less surprised.

Word of mouth is no competition for electronic cyberfriends automatically created.

ACK! MySpace was bought by FOX? No wonder I was afraid of it.

Wore my Skullcrusher Mountain t-shirt to the gym yesterday. Was not instantly surrounded by fans demanding to know where I got said t-shirt.

madergarth says

i like big butts that smell like charcoal......yes black!

Ryan Grieb says

How do i get this on a cd.. it is the best cover song i have ever heard...