Gig and Pi

ByJoCo October 12, 2005

First, I’ll be playing live in public in the actual world this coming Tuesday October 18th, 8:45 PM at the Apocalypse Lounge (189 E 3rd St. between A and B). Last time I played only about 1.5 people showed up and it was very sad. Don’t let me be sad again. I’ll be on at 8:45, and followed by Bryan Dunn with whom I used to work and who is excellent, and Lara Ewen about whom I know next to nothing, but I’m sure she’s great.

More important, once in a while I see or hear something that makes me so jealous I want to smash all my stuff and burn my home to the ground. Here is a link to a video of a song by Hard n Phirm called Pi (link) (via Waxy). It’s about Pi. Some of you may remember them for Rodeohead, their crazy bluegrass mashup of Radiohead songs which is amazing, but also on their album is El Corazon, a description of how the heart works sung in Spanish delivered as if it’s a love song, and also a song about the Carbon Cycle and – Arrrgh! [smash smash SMASH]. This Pi song is pretty great on its own, because something like 200 digits of Pi are sung in harmony, but the video takes it over the top and makes me wish I was someone else, like maybe either one of those guys, or else the guy who makes all these fantastic videos (Keith Schofield) or any of the bands for whom he has made videos.


rohit507 says

Okay, god, they are good lemme go buy their album. instead of donating the money to you. ;) of course not (about the not donating part, still gonna buy their album though)

jp3z says

I thought that was an actual kids' show for the first half. Then I got suspicious when they used the word shit. Then I knew it wasn't when the children died.

Joy says

Wooow. The last part of it is absolutely hypnotising. And I agree with Jp3z that the parody was spot-on. I had to do a double take and rewind the video when I noticed the station name wasn't WGBH.
And I might as well say this is a song I've been waiting for my whole life.

Rachel says

That was awesome. Thank you. I'll be humming it for days.

Penelope says

I've seen that pi video before. It was a truly frightening experience.

Antar says

quote: "I had to do a double take and rewind the video when I noticed the station name wasn’t WGBH"

Well in the opening sequence the sound scheme (aka MOOG sound) was completely different... But I too had to do a double-take there. Great music video.

Gina says

Here I am commenting about this a year and a half later - thinking you must have gotten over the SMASH! feeling by now. Your stuff is ten times better than this!

Edladd says

I know, I know, slightly out of date - but I only heard this song recently. Most awesome thing IMO - it's 3.14 minutes long :D