First Batch

ByJoCo October 11, 2005

OK, now we’re having a good time using the internet as a tool for big fun. This is Fun 2.0! Thanks to the brave ones who sent solos in – I’ve mixed them in and made some snippet mp3s for you to listen to. We have two guitars, a melodica (with harmony no less) and a cello. In a couple of cases I added some reverb/delay/EQ and such because I thought it sounded cool. I hope that you don’t take offense if I’ve done this to your solo. Here they be:


As for the rest of you, you have until this weekend if you’d like to send something in.


Glenn says

I'd be happy to donate some vocal or something if you ever get bored with your computer talking at you.

(Really should learn to play an instrument.)

Evan says

with headphones my eq-ing is overly aggressive, hmm... it sounded good in the monitors. jonathan, how do you normally deal with this kind of problem? i am inexperienced at producing.

the one doublestop (before the line, i think) is too early... i will re-record it in a few days and send you a new one. and we should bring out the 2nd synth (not the feedback one).

what do people think? comments would be great.

is there any compression on that cello?

JoCo says

I'm terrible w/ EQ, I have ears like a...something that doesn't hear very well. That said, I think the eq is pretty good on the guitar, maybe could be a little less "harsh" whichever frequency that is. Just turn the harsh knob down.

I want to mess more with the cello, after letting it sit for a while I don't really like what I did with it. It should be more audible for one thing, and probably less kooky-sounding.

Ursula Husted says

The melodica was amazing!

(by the by, bought your smoking monkey album off itunes- excellent!)

Brooklyn Bluesman says

Dude, your totally wacky-I like that. So far, I'd have to say it's a toss up between Francis and Dan. Just my totlly subjective input for the day.

Gordy says

I'd personally say it's a toss between Dan and Evan, myself. Both kinda rock.

Rob says

Your links here are broken!

JoCo says

Yeah, drag. I've switched servers a couple of times and somewhere along the way I lost that directory...