My Space

By JoCo October 2, 2005

It seems to be what the kids are doing these days – so be it. I’ve joined MySpace and set up a page and put up a couple of songs. I hereby invite you to join up and be my friend by clicking this here link:

I want to be JC’s friend

Then I want you to join some appropriate discussion groups and make all kinds of postings in which you suggest that people check out my page (which is here: , listen to my music, and be my friend. Right now I have only four friends, which is totally lame. One of them is my sister. I need thousands of friends, thousands I tell you. With enough friends I will come to dominate MySpace, and then I will destroy the world with my music. Fly minions, fly!


Glenn says

What? No Orkut, Friendster, or LiveJournal? I have to join another of these things? Such is the life of a minion.

JoCo says

I know, sorry. Someday there will be one single giant database that we'll all be a part of, and an all-seeing eye that watches us do the bidding of our great leader.

Margaret says

Considering I was already namechecking you on Myspace anyway, I'd be happy to be your friend. :)

jp3z says

JC, my respect just fell for you greatly. I would have rather heard that you got busted by the cops for running a puppy-smuggling ring, or something equally illegal-but-badass. But no, it had to by My Space.

cheridy says

awww, jp3z, give him a break. for a band, myspace is a better networking place. and don't sell him short on the puppy smuggling. maybe he's just too good to have gotten busted yet.

jp3z says

*Reluctantly returns some stud points to JC after reading cheridy's post and deciding to be rational (but only because of the puppy-smuggling...).*

Joy says

Welcome to the cesspool where all chainletters thought to be dead are sprung up anew. Did you hear about this really terrible disgusting site, Bonsai Kitten? OMG! And if you don't repost this 20 times your mother won't love you anymore.

It's definitely a useful tool for musical artists though.

JoCo says

Thanks to all my new friends, and thanks jp3z for cutting me some slack. (Pst! Wanna buy a puppy?)

rohit507 says

Mabye we should join our networks, i run an illegal iguana smuggling ring. Think about it. "A free iguana with every puppy".

jp3z says

It's my birthday soon...I could use a puppy. And I promise I won't drown this one.

Glenn says

I'm happy to be your friend, you maniacal fiend. (Although it might take some while to sign up for MySpace.)

I tried to create a "toomanymonkeys" community, but the name was taken! By non-Coultonistas!

I can only assume that the foul hand of Baron Notlouc is behind all this.

Glenn says

I did it. I feel kind of empty and dirty, but at least JC is my friend now. And no one can ever take that away from me.

"Edit friends" doesn't have the DNA manipulation tools I really feel it should have.

JoCo says

That's MySpace: empty and dirty.

Brooklyn Bluesman says

I feel like the character in your song, "Better" protesting those infernal robots for retina scanning when they know who he is! Never the less-I'm now officially a My Space friend of JC

Nico says

Hey, look at you, 4 days later you have like 30 friends! I just added you. You rock; i have had the ikea song on my head for like 4 days now. Thank Bob and AJ for that...

Pau says

For some reason it won't let me add you as my friend. It keeps asking me for your email or last name. I keep entering "Coulton" and says it's wrong!