Thing a Week 3 – W’s Duty

By JoCo September 30, 2005

For a long time I have been obsessed with the word “duty” which sounds to me a lot like the word “doody” (as in, you know, poo). It’s gotten really bad, so that ever time someone talks about their solemn duty, or how so-and-so has fallen down on their duty, it makes me giggle. So this week’s thing is, well, I guess it’s GWB talking about taking a crap. You will probably find this funny if you have the mind of an 8-year-old boy.

W’s Duty

And also, in a strange coincidence, I saw a link today on Waxy and Gawker to an even better example of what can be done with all the GWB audio that’s available from The Bots. This is sort of amazing actually. What I did took me forever and it’s still pretty rough around the edges. And so I must give the maddest props ever to the geniuses who so skillfully manipulated tiny slices of audio to make our president sing COVERS OF SONGS in the most uncanny, creepy way. You must listen:

The Party Party


Brian P says

I've had that Imagine/Walk on the Wild Side for a while - pure genius. Downloading yours now.


Joy says

Say it enough times and it ends up funny no matter how I try to resist.
I like it; along the same lines as 'Bacteria' and almost as catchy (probably more catchy at the end... it's set on infinite loop in my head right now).

I heard the Dubya version of 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' a while ago, but I think I'll have to give the rest of the songs a listen now.

jp3z says

Wow, that is so sweet (& funny)!

BTW, you really need to make a logo for Thing a Week, it bothers me that I have no art for it in iTunes.

cheridy says

Invader Zim, Volume 2, Disc 3, episode 19A (Gir goes crazy and stuff), 3 minutes, 6 seconds in, they make the same joke.

And now, sadly, so do I. Every time I have heard the word duty in the past two years or so, I giggle and repeat it in the Gir voice.

Also, I love your music. It has been on repeat for the two days since I first realized you exist.

Jenny says

Wax audio does a better version (and the original one) of "Imagine"
I don't know if it is supposed to be funny or tragic....

rohit507 says

ill be back

Simon Dorfman says

Hey, the bots is pretty cool. A fun and similar thing is using an audio dictionary to sing songs karaoke style, a.k.a.

Skidmark Bob says

W's Duty Rocks!! I aired it on my Radio Show on Freak Radio Santa Cruz
101fm also uploaded to:

Commander & Chief Radio vol 17 State of Fear 2006

Another assembly of Bush cutups, mixes and music for a new year.

- Rx - My Genaration
- Jonathan Coulton - Duty
- Scooter - March
- IDC - Safe from US
- Innerside 83 portion mix with wiretapped Scooter calls
- Department of Corrections - State of Fear 2006
- Bush By Numbers - #2
- Frenz - The New President
- Radio Crack - GW on Dick
- D.O.C. - Shotgun Dick remix
- Bob Parker - Junior

Check out Archive CCR Programs here:

Jesica Menlis says

Thery good tablets...enjoy!

Micah says

Oh gods.... that was the most I've laughed at a song in ages. =D

tyler says

Woohoo! I've had the exact same issue with the word "duty" for a while now. I'm just glad it's not just me....and Peter Griffin.

gj says

Haha! Nice one :)

whall says

Just heard this for the first time and thought it was hilarious. And I'm even one of Bush's biggest fans!