They Do Crush Everything

By JoCo September 28, 2005

Japanese scientists have become the first to capture the giant squid on film alive in the actual ocean (photos and story here). This is a really big deal for squid people, they’ve been waiting a long time for someone to figure this one out. They followed some sperm whales and set out a bait bag with an automatic camera. The squid attacked the bait, got caught on a hook, and tore one of its tentacles off in order to escape. Nice, Japanese scientists, real nice. Why do you think the giant squid is so elusive? Maybe because it doesn’t want to have to tear its own tentacles off every time it has its picture taken?

Apparently the tentacle was delicious.


Glenn says

Now I want sushi. I also need to create a giant squid page, which will mostly be a link to these guys, I guess:

JoCo says

That's fantastic. Finally, all the Octopus news I want on a single page. There is also this:

Glenn says

If only we could somehow... you know... combine them...

jp3z says

I have an entire book on the giant squid. Too bad it's completely useless now. :'(

Glenn says

I do too! I think it's slightly out of date, but then they always are... except that creepy book in the corner. I think it's watching me even now.

Rachel says

You know, I thought of you when I heard the news about the giant squid... :-)

Dave says

If word of this gets around the squid world, I guess we won't be seeing anymore giant squids anytime soon.

Do tentacles grow back? I know mine hasn't.