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By JoCo September 27, 2005

If I did this right, there should now be a feed for the whole blog as well as a feed for Thing a Week only, and they both should include the enclosures necessary to get the mp3s as they are posted. I think. We’ll see how this goes, or if anybody cares or anything. If someone out there finds a problem with subscribing, please let me know.

In an interesting (yet tortuous) side note, John Hodgman and I recorded and posted an audio file of the 700 hobo names from his soon-to-be-published book “The Areas of My Expertise.” I play Big Rock Candy Mountain on the guitar and he reads the entire list of names. We did it in one take, one long, terrible take. It took almost an hour to get all the way through, and by the end my hand and fingers were threatening to cramp up and freeze stiff. But we somehow made it through, and it was a truly transformative experience. If you’d like to listen, you can check out the website for the book (the hobo names link is under the orange box in the top right corner – you don’t have to listen to all of it for God’s sake). And then you should buy the book, because it is plenty funny.

You are lucky that I am not using it as this week’s thing.


jp3z says

That book will be mine.

rohit507 says

Thank the holy uncle of hobos that that isn't this week's thing. But I have heard the book is supposed to really good from some one. Thanks for the robots stuff. I do vb and i am learning java and c++. also you might also find this inspirational (heck you might even convert.) http://www.venganza.org/

Steven says

I agree, the Great 700 got me psyched about this book. Good marketing?

jp3z says

Oh, btw, I just listened to the entire thing. Awesome!

JoCo says

Jpez: if there's one person out there man enough to listen to the whole thing, it would be you. It just gets better and better doesn't it? By about 400 or 500 you think maybe you've permanently broken your brain.

Rohit: thanks for the spaghetti monster tip. I will pray for you.

rohit507 says

yes, hmm what would really be cool is if they (random scientists) named a newly discovered species of squid after you. I can imagine it now. Architeuthis Coultonous

Glenn says

Perhaps Architeuthis Skullcrusherus. We need to start a campaign to expose marine biologists to this music -- to Woods Hole!

Lars says

Just curious, is there any significance to the number 73?

JoCo says

Lars: yes, in fact 73 is equal to 68 + 5. I will jump ahead to your follow-up question here (which was going to be "Is there any significance to the number 700?") and answer it for you: No.

Whitney says

I just want to say that I've listened to it *twice*. It's transformative to listen to, too.

Adrienne says

Hey-- so 1.) I congratulate the guitarist and hope those stand-bys were water breaks, 2.) find the thing surprisingly soothing, like Alice's Restaurant, 3.) am pretty curious about where you got the names (Allatar and Pallando! The wandering Blues! They totally are hobos!) and 4.) I'm a procrastinatory masochist and transcribed the whole damn thing. Can I proof it against your theoretical master list?

JoCo says

Adrienne: for the answers to your questions I would refer you to the man himself, Mr. John Hodgman, and to his book "The Areas of My Expertise." You can find more information on both subjects at http://www.areasofmyexpertise.com.

But I can tell you that the best way to check your list against his would be to purchase the book. You may also want to consult a professional about your problem...

Ryan says

Hey JC...just found your music thru the Delta Park Project show. Your stuff is fantastic. Reminds me of a nice blend of They Might Be Giants, Barenaked Ladies, & Ben Folds -- with just a little Weird Al thrown in for good measure. Fantastic songs, catchy as hell!

I certainly plan on spreading the word and the music -- and oh yeah, actually buying some of it, too. :-)

Best of luck to you, and keep the songs comin!