Week One – Boy, Am I Bored!

By JoCo September 7, 2005

Just kidding. This not working thing is awesome. It’s thrillling just to have time to run errands in the middle of the day. I still kind of feel like I’m on vacation, but I suspect that will change when I run out of money. I should really make some sort of a list of projects. And then do them. Many thanks to all you kind souls who have posted and emailed words of encouragement.

Speaking of which, my old pal John Hodgman and I are working on a couple of podcasts for the NY Times to promote their new Funny Pages thing in the Sunday magazine. John is editing the humorous essays portion (there will also be a comic strip and some serial fiction from Elmore Leonard). Not sure there’s going to be a lot of room for JC sauce in this sandwich, but you should certainly expect some kind of “theme song” situation, and of course the standard Hodgman-Coulton magic a la our Little Gray Books podcast. I should mention, it doesn’t look like there’s actually going to be an RSS feed, which technically makes these things NOT podcasts. Also, there are only three of them, and they’re all going to be posted on the same day, Saturday September 17. I know. NOT podcasts. Look people, I just bake the funnycake, I’m not going to tell the Old Gray Lady how to serve it up.