Katrina Relief

By JoCo September 1, 2005

If you’ve been waiting until you could safely buy a CD without any money actually going to me, now is your chance. CDBaby has just set up a way that all their artist can donate profits from CD sales directly to the Red Cross Disaster Relief fund to help victims of hurricane Katrina. I’ll be donating all my profits for the month of September. While this won’t be a huge amount of money, hundreds of CDBaby artists are doing the same thing, so together we may actually do some good.

If you’d prefer to donate directly to the Red Cross, you can do so here. Not to make you feel any more guilty than you already do, but it really sounds like it sucks down there. And I am familiar with the calculus of small donations, so believe me when I tell you that moderate amounts of small donations will most definitely add up to moderate amounts of money – I can only imagine what enormous amounts of small donations might do. You can change the world in a tiny way…


superjerk says

Long time fan, first time commenter. As an actual victim/refugee of Hurricane Katrina I feel at least somewhat qualified to say "thanks." I also wanted to offer two comments on your website. Number one, calculus has two L's, and I mean that more in jest than seriousness. Secondly, I wondered if you had considered putting up guitar tab or chords along with your lyrics pages. I've figured out some of your songs by ear, but some are a little trickier than others. I'm particularly fond of the new stuff which I think is your catchiest music yet. Thanks for the music and thanks for the hurricane relief. We're at the point where every little bit helps.

D-N-A, baby, that spells DNA.

Steven says

Great idea, with the state everything currently is down there. Come on, people, buy, buy, buy!

It's a good thing you have so many good songs, too.

JoCo says

Mr. Superjerk,

Dammit! Two Ls! About the tabs: for a long time I've been meaning to get some posted. Now that I am unemployed, I hopefully will have time to do this and many other general website improvements. Stay tuned...

Elyse says

As a new fan (as of last night), I have to say that not only is your music fantastic, but you're a great person as well.

Travis Braud says

Jon I can't thank you enough for what you are doing for all the hurricane refugees. I live in zachary, la and some of the general feeling at times is if the world even still knows we exist (alot of people are cut off from the world outside of the state because of the devastation the hurricane cause).
This news will at put some minds at ease. Thanks again Jon for not only creating great music but for your support as well.

IvoryZion says

Umm... I really need the baby got back tab. And by really I mean... really.
And by need I mean ... really.