By JoCo August 19, 2005

This is awesome.


Travis Braud says

don't tease us with unexplained messages that will be continued with further info on a later date.

Sarah says

Travis, I was confused too, until I hovered over all the words in the entry one by one and saw that the word "This" was hot. Click on it and see what John was excited about. I promise it's safe to look at at work.

By any chance, are you colorblind, like me?

JoCo says

Yeah, sorry guys. The color I chose for links doesn't always show up so well. Perhaps it's time for a new color - a nice tart orange perhaps.

Sarah says

For those of us with less than perfect rods and cones (not that we are the majority, or even a visible statistical sample), blue pops better against black than any of the warmer tones.

Sorry about the erroneous H in your name! I hit Enter just as I noticed the typo.