Ah, Blogs

ByJoCo August 18, 2005

A posting on Metafilter yesterday caused double download traffic – I love when that happens, even though this post contains what is probably the worst misspelling of my name I have ever seen. Coullter?

It’s almost a little scary how much weight some of the more popular blogs can throw around. I would fear for my bandwidth costs if it weren’t for the fact that I am hosted by HostBaby, the same people who do CDBaby. They promise unlimited bandwidth, though we’ll see if they still love me after the Slashdotting that is bound to happen (maybe someday in the future if I am very very good).

Also, for those of you who don’t have radios, and really I don’t blame you, you can download my recently aired hour on the David Lawrence Show for a small fee.


Radford says

dude, i couldn't believe they called you coulter! i almost plotzed. so great to see you up there, tho, i think it's the second time you've been linked there - rockstar!

JoCo says

I know! And with TWO L's! I think the third time they link to you from metafilter you get a coupon for a free 6 inch veggie...