PopSci Lyrics

By JoCo August 16, 2005

I should have done this sooner, but never mind because I have done it now. You can get the lyrics to all the OBOOCA (Our Bodies, Ourselves, Our Cybernetic Arms) songs on my songs page. You will need to download them from PopSci for a while, because dammit, they deserve the eyeballs for being so forward thinking. In the future, all magazines will come with soundtracks, and all magazine soundtracks will be written by me.

Getting a great response from everyone, a little press here and there, and plenty of airplay in the podcast universe. Thanks everyone for your comments and emails and other kinds of support. Once I get my shite together I will add some links to the podcasts and radio stations who’ve been playing me all along – something else I probably should have done earlier, but you know, TV to watch. Now get to work memorizing those lyrics.


Edminster says

Awesome songs, Mr. Coulton.
I have already memorised the lyrics to 'I Feel Fantastic' and I am working on learning 'Todd the T1000.'
I reviewed the songs in a half-assed way in my blog, but I will eventually get around to providing a more in-depth review of the actual lyrics and everything... eventually. Let me just finish this by saying you have excellent music here, and that I would give you cash money, but I'm currently too poor to. Thank you for the Music.

JoCo says

Edminster: that's the kind of can-do attitude I like to see. Thanks for the thumbs up and the blog-nalysis.

Radford says

Warning: Magazine may not be popular nor science.

(you ROCK)

ArcAngel227 says

don't it make you wonder what the people of one hundred years will think should they ever hear this hear this. Wonder if they will be saying they where crazy back then, or perhaps 'How Did They Know?!'

Come to think of it I'm not quite sure which respone it'd rather....

JoCo says

In 100 years, we will be plugged into the matrix waiting in our pods for Morpheus to find us, so we probably won't be able to hear anything. Not with our actual ears anyway.